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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow and Valfodr DLC Detailed: Prepare for the Fight Against the Coliseum’s Last Boss!

The Snow and Valfodr  DLC will be released on the May 15th. The latest issue of Famitsu doesn’t list prices.

Snow will have a new episode as promised. Hideo Kubota told that the idea behind the episode came from the game’s female staffers. The theme of the episode is “Don’t fight for me” and it will show the feelings Snow and Serah have for each other.

Also the director, Motomu Toriyama, said that the episode will clear up some mysteries behind the coliseum itself. We’ll also learn about Snow’s mission as a L’Cie.

In the second hald of Snow’s episode will Valfodr do his appearance. You may have read about him from Final Fantasy XIII-2 datalog. He is the most powerful monster of Valhalla and he has pwned Mog when they faced in the battle field. (poor Mog)

Valfodr has the ability to use weapons, magic and summons. You’ll apparently have to defeat him multiple times throughout the episode. Each time, he comes back at higher level and with additional abilities.

According to Toriyama, Valfodr was added to the game with the idea of having him appear as something like the Coliseum’s last boss. He’s the strongest opponent you’ll face in the Coliseum, and when at his maximum level is the most powerful monster in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a whole.

Snow has a 30% catch rate and  Valfodr’s rate depends on his level, but at maximum level the rate is 100% which should give you an idea of how hard it will be to defeat him.

When in your party, Snow is an attacker with a focus on punches and kicks. Valfodr is a blaster with the same strength as an attacker. Among his learnable arsenal are Hellflame, Hellspark, Hellstorm and Hellfreezer.

Source: Andriasang

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  1. Curious why this stuff wasn’t in the actual game. Might’ve made the plot halfway decent, I guess.

  2. For a minute there I thought there was some Snow related costume for Noel. That would have been awesome. This is cool, too.

  3. Sweet! :D I can’t wait to bring Snow back to the Waterscape! :P Did that with Lightning when replaying Royal Ripness, which was GREAT! :D

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