Final Fantasy XIII-2 Revealed

Last week, Square-Enix registered a new domain for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yesterday, on January 18th 2011, they had their 1st Production Department Preimiere event revealing the sequel for Final Fantasy XIII, called Final Fantasy XIII-2. The first trailer for the game was also shown.

The trailer begins with footage from the ending of Final Fantasy XIII. Once the screen fades, Lightning can be seen donning her new outfit: a heavy armor with feathers. Lightning is then shown standing back to back with a new character. Is he a villain or one of the main heroes? The trailer ends with the game’s logo and artwork of Lightning and the other character.

According to the trailer, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will hit the stores in Japan later this year. Sources say it will be released in the US and Europe next winter (2011-2012).  Official trailer will be released tomorrow (January 20th). Maybe you should watch the leaked trailer now?

Square-Enix has revealed placeholder boxart for the European release, but don’t forget to look at those Shonen Jump magazine scans, as well!


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Revealed

  1. Is Yaag Rosch, Cid Raines and Jihl Nabaat are coming back for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and what about Galenty Dysley.

    1. Sadly no, they’re not. If you remember, all 3 of them died during the events of FF XIII. Yaag committed suicide at Edenhall, he detonated a powerful grenade himself and two King Behemoths. Jihl was killed by Dysley on the Palamica before he transformed into Barthandelus. And Dysley/Barthandelus was killed by Lightning and others in Orphan’s Cradle.

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