New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Information In Dengeki PlayStation

This week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation has coverage on Final Fantasy XIII-2.


  • Final Fantasy XIII-2’s story begins after the ending of Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Other Character will appear in the game in unexpected forms.  Some characters will have major changes.
  • The story will be more mysterious and dark than XIII’s.
  • The Battle System will be an evolved form of XIII’s ATB system. (Similar to Final Fantasy Versus XIII?)
  • There may be a difficulty setting.  (Final Fantasy XIII International Ultimate Hits has Easy and Normal Mode, maybe this game has too?)
  • XIII-2 is a full sequel. You’ll learn some of the things that took place in the background scenes of XIII.
  • The story will focus on the goddess Etro.
  • They’re listening to opinions both inside and outside of Square Enix and from outside of Japan regarding characters, story and interface.
  • The game will not have the pop feel of Final Fantasy X-2. (No singing and dancing Lightning?)

Now you can download Final Fantasy XIII-2’s teaser trailer in HD on European PSN and Xbox Live.


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