Famitsu: Final Fantasy XIII Interview

Famitsu has posted their Final Fantasy XIII-2 interview from the 1st Production Premier. The interview with Kitase and Toriyama, answers the basics that many of us are unclear about with the sequel. The interview has been translated by Andriasang.


“The Final Fantasy XIII-2 part of the interview is story focused, so those who haven’t finished FFXIII may want to avoid reading the summary. I ain’t spoiler taggin’ nothin’.

Famitsu first asked for a recap of how the project came to be. The main reason they decided to make a sequel, said Toriyama, is that there was demand throughout the world. In addition to this, Toriyama and the development staff wanted to portray the Lightning character further. The original FFXIII ended with a lingering question: is Lightning really happy? Final Fantasy XIII-2 will come to a clear conclusion.

The “Episode I” after story novella that was included as a bonus with the first print run of the Japanese Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII serves as the prologue of XIII-2. Famitsu pointed out that Episode I shows the various characters from FFXIII returning to their normal lives. Does this mean that Lightning will be on her own? Also, Famitsu asked, will the purpose of Lightning’s new journey be to find a method of helping Vanille and Fang?


Regarding the latter point, Toriyama noted that being helped by the sacrifice of the two characters left a wound in the hearts of everyone. The story will of course show not just Lightning, but the other allies who were hurt by that, Toriyama assured. Additionally, there will be a number of new characters.

Similar to the Dengeki interview, Famitsu’s interviewers asked if there would be any Final Fantasy X-2 style dancing and singing in XIII-2. XIII-2 will have have a serious direction, Kitase replied. Toriyama noted that considering Vanille and Fang are gone and the world is in a state where Cocoon had fallen, there’s no way for the new story to be totally peaceful. XIII-2 will have a darker and more mysterious side over XIII.

Famitsu asked if XIII-2 will possibly being set in the dark world that Lightning is wandering around in at the end of the Episode I novella. Toriyama responded that the principal setting will be different from that of XIII, but he assured that the FFXIII world will be in the game in some form.

As part of the story of the original, Lightning has lost her l’Cie abilities (summons, casting magic, etc.). In response to this observation from Famitsu, Toriyama joked that perhaps Lightning has become an even more incredible existence than a l’Cie. Famitsu countered that she certainly has become sexier. Toriyama responded that even though she’s probably more explosed (I must be missing something here because she doesn’t look more exposed to me!), similar to the original, they’re valuing her refined and noble qualities. He added that her clothing has a more fantasy feel to it this time, and the design of her weapons and other such items will match.



Commenting on the trailer, Famitsu noted that there’s a scene which shows Lightning standing in front of what looks like an alter. That’s actually not an altar but a seat, corrected Toriyama, and it has great significance.

Famitsu also pointed out that when Lighthing and the mysterious new guy shown in the trailer line up back to back, they look like angel and devil. “Which is the angel and which is the devil?” joked Toriyama. He added, Lightning has a new mission this time, and as she attempts to fulfill this mission, she’ll end up in a confrontation with the guy. He’s a powerful character who can fight on equivalent ground with Lightning, the hero who saved the world.

If you have Final Fantasy XIII save data, you may want to hold on to it. The team is investigating the possibility of giving something to players who have save data in place.”

Source: Andriasang


One thought on “Famitsu: Final Fantasy XIII Interview

  1. This is exactly why Final Fantasy is the greatest game series ever. Not only are they keeping the ball rolling for the core game (XIII), but now they are rewarding those who are loyal to the series with additional content! I simply have no respect for those who quit XIII midway after already committing to play it or those who won’t play it because of the alleged “no towns” rumor.

    There is no need for towns since they were on the run the entire game. They couldn’t afford to stop moving. It fit with the story and made the gameplay “endless”. Towns slow down the game with talking to random people and searching for secrets. The story, characters, graphics, combat, character back stories, attachment rate, intrigued, depth, game length, and overall experience is well worth a few lousy towns. I’m so tired of the same boring old cycle: dungeon, town, cutscene, town, dungeon, town, epic battle, town, dungeon, town, cutscene, town, epic battle in a town, etc. etc… Those that play RPGs on a regular basis, will tell you that each town is a 30-60 minute ordeal (if you’re lucky). It takes so much time away from the game itself. I’m at the point now that I’ve noticed that I hate them.

    Now my worst fear is probably in the works. Because so many people didn’t understand that the characters were on the run in XIII and there was no logical need for towns, the powers that be at Square are going to saturate XIII-2 with them because of the all mighty dollar. I can only pray that square can find a decent balance to the old town routine, because XIII was a blockbuster to the series (in game mechanics and for breaking the old cycle).

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