Andriasang: Final Fantasy XIII-2 is 70% Complete & Shonen Jump Scan!

“Jump has a one page report on Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week. There isn’t much new beyond what was announced at E3, except for the following bits:

  • The magazine has Japanese language screenshots (all the E3 shots, and the E3 trailer, were English)
  • The magazine says that the name for the “Optima Change” system has been changed to the English version’s “Paradigm Shift.” This system lets you switch the roles/jobs of your party members instantly during battle.
  • Development is currently 70% complete.

And that’s all that’s new as far as I can see. Famitsu and Dengeki are supposed to have reports on the game this week, so we can hopefully look forward to additional details.”

Source & Source 2


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