FOKGAMES: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview (You Can Save Anywhere, More Composers Other Than Hamauzu..)

“At E3 we got the chance to interview producer and director of the Final Fantasy XIII-2, Motomu Toriyama & Yoshinori Kitase.

Is the story lighter than the story of the Final Fantasy XIII?
The story of XIII was fairly serious. That side also go in the future, but we also have mysterious and dark elements added to the story.

In the demo I noticed that the player can make choices on the world map. What other changes are made ​​to make the game less linear?
Final Fantasy XIII was driven by the story, why it was so linear. Final Fantasy XIII-2 focuses on the player, the actions and decision you take in the game and how you choose your team all have consequences which the game less linear.

There are several possible endings that affect?
For the first time, there are different endings in Final Fantasy. We can not say much about it, wait until the Tokyo Game Show.

Have you looked at western RPGs?
We have not consciously inspiration from western RPGs. Final Fantasy XIII was a tad too linear and too focused on the story. Western gamers prefer open worlds in which they are free to make choices. We wanted Final Fantasy XIII-2 not open. There is still a story, but you get choices have consequences.

Why we decided to focus on Serah authorities?
Final Fantasy XIII, she played an important role in the story when the sister of Lightning. She changed into a crystal and Lightning are looking for a way to save her sister. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah looking for her older sister, so the world upside down. We wanted to bring out family ties back in the game.

Noël Why? Why we chose a new character instead of an old friend?
About him I can not tell much, but Noel is from a different world. He has never been on Cocoon. We introduce it because we want the game interesting for everyone, whether you’ve played Final Fantasy XIII or not. But as you can see he is a strong man.

Who will compose the music?
Masashi Hamauzu, the composer of Final Fantasy XIII is certainly it. More composers will be announced later.

In the demo there are quicktime events. Are there other changes to the battle system that you can tell?
The basis of the battle system is still the Paradigm Shift, there were many positive and wanted to use us again. We have some additions so now you can recruit monsters. You can include them in your team and they let you fight. In addition, there monster character progression and improvement, which you samples in your team stronger.

Is the Crystarium back?
When it comes to the progress of the characters, not the samples, then the system Crystarium almost the same. There are some changes that we can not discuss. The progression of the samples goes through a different system. Samples have parameters such as strength and defense and you can provide samples of accessories that enhance the parameters.

Is the save system adjusted?
Yes, now you can save where ever you are, as in western games. So even easier than in Final Fantasy XIII.

Are there towns and shops to explore?
A negative aspect of Final Fantasy XIII was the fact that there were few towns to explore. Final Fantasy XIII-2, towns to explore, here you can meet people, shopping, and conversing with the residents. It’s so well at this time.

How many hours of cinematics is in the game and how many hours gameplay?
We do not know themselves how many hours of cinematics in the game has, but the story is by playing a big forty hours to complete. Of course there is much more to do and you can play it again play for a different ending.

Is there a new game +?
No, but we have something better we can say nothing about.

Is the Xbox 360 version better this time?
During the development of Final Fantasy XIII on PlayStation 3 we started and we decided later to make the Xbox 360 version. Final Fantasy XIII-2 we had the Xbox 360 from the start already in mind, there will be no major differences between the platforms.

How many of the omitted content from Final Fantasy XIII for XIII-2?
We have a selection for Final Fantasy XIII to make, but we have not deleted the content for Final Fantasy XIII-2

When Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released?
December of this year and early 2012 in Europe/United States”

*We used Google translator to translate this from Dutch to English. So there could be something fun translations which we tried fix.*
Source (in Dutch)


2 thoughts on “FOKGAMES: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview (You Can Save Anywhere, More Composers Other Than Hamauzu..)

  1. I’m glad towns are back. The crystarium is something I don’t like. They should reintroduce something like the sphere grid. This way I could choose in which way I wanted to develop my party members.
    But still looking forward to this game.

  2. I really am not too crazy about the multiple endings. Why can’t they just give us one official ending? I play for the story, not because I get an ending because I wanted to take a right instead of a left.

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