“FINAL FANTASY XIII-2  – Because even sequels need their own sequels

When its release date quickly approaching Square Enix has shown us a bit of what’s to come in the latest chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 saga. And while it doesn’t deviate too far from the formula set in Final Fantasy XIII a handful of updated system and original characters are on display.

Perhaps most interesting is the variety of combat mechanics. Every time a monster attack, our feral bar gets filled, when full, this triggers a cinematic action sequence. When prompted successfully hitting a button or moving the analog stick in a particular  direction temporarily bumps our combat efficiency. Functioning like mid-battle quick-time events, these sequences proved essential during tougher boss battles. Likewise, when a battle is about to begin a dial will appear on the floor; when it pops up we had a limited window of time in which to engage the enemy in order to perform preemtive strike. Finally, weather (such as the rain shown in our playable demo) will also have an elemental effect in combat.

In our demo, we were on the hunt for Atlas in an area called Bresha Ruins. Enter new character Noel along with returning star Serah, who together have agreed to help rid this excavation site of an otherworldly monstrosity. The landscape here is littered with NPCs, but our focus is on the…”

Source: Thanks Rimint!


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