Even More Lightning & Serah Figure Pictures from Comic Con!

Square Enix Team took more pictures of Lightning & Serah play-arts figures from Comic Con. For now the master word of  the ‘Word to your Moogle’ contest is Mictilantecuhtli. (15 letters – Mictilantecuhtli is beast from Final Fantasy XI.)

If you attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, PAX Prime or New York Comic-Con,  and visit the Square Enix booth, play the FINAL FANTASY XIII–2 demo you will be received Moogle button where is your own letter. Group up with your friend or other fans to be the first to recreate each word and knock-out the competition! Any word 8 letters or longer germane to the FINAL FANTASY series qualifies as a Master Word, however only the group that forms the longest Master Word at the end of each event will win the Grand Prize. The longest Master Word out of the entire tour will win the Ultimate Prize: a custom designed PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and (signed version?) of the game!



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