Square Enix Europe: “FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Community Day Was a Huge Success!”

“Yesterday we held our first Square Enix Community Day here at the London headquarters. This was a great success and we received some brilliant feedback about FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, so thanks again for taking the time out to attend! It was great to meet such passionate FINAL FANTASY fans and give you the opportunity to play a section of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 before its release early next year.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend this time, we’re certain that this won’t be the last of its kind and are already brainstorming ideas for future Community Days.

The event included the behind closed doors demonstration of the game by our Senior Brand Manager, Adrian Arnese, which gives some story background and introduced attendees to some of the new features in FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. After that, we let the fans loose on the E3 demo of the game, which shows off the New Bodhum environment and sees Serah and Noel face off against a giant golem called Atlas.

A Q&A session was then held, where we tried to answer as many of the attendees’ burning questions without giving too much of the story away or without spoiling any future announcements about the game that we have.  With the Q&A completed, attendees stuck around for a bit of food and drink before heading off with their swag bags, containing a plush Moogle, FINAL FANTASY XIII art cards and a thankyou note from myself.

We were honoured to be joined by MrPointyHead, who was there to cover the event on Inside Xbox, so look out for that on your Xbox dashboard in the coming months!

Keep checking back here on the Square Enix Members Blog for your chance to attend future events, as well as the latest news updates on FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 and all our other games. So stay tuned for more!”


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