Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese Voice E3 Trailer & HQ Version of the Japan Expo Theme Released

Square Enix Japan released the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 trailer on the official XIII-2 site. Also the background song of the trailer has been updated a bit. You can noticed those chances when you compare it to the English version. What is your opinion: Is English voice acting better than Japanese or is Japanese one better?

At same time they added a new song on the site. The song was released first time at Japan Expo in Paris and now they have release it on their site. Where you expect to see the song in the game? In romantic battle against Lightning and mysterious man? Comment your vision!


7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese Voice E3 Trailer & HQ Version of the Japan Expo Theme Released

  1. I’ve always liked the “original” spoken language for a series. So I would definitely pick the Japanese version (with English subtitles ofcourse!) I missed that option in FFXIII though.

  2. That’s easy! The japanese voices are much better! Duh!?! The english ones are corny, emotionless and do not fit what’s happening at all. What’s amazing is the people that think the english voices are good. Maybe because these people are used to english in their daily lives. I’m not english native thus I am not biased.

    For example, check this part 1:24 – 1:27 “You ok?” “Yeah”. Seriously? Neither him or she seem to care at all about what’s going around them. Hello? There’s a giant monster trying to kill you! (no, they’re not acting cool, that’s being unrealistic and stupid).

    Now look at the japanese one. First he speaks fast because he needs to act fast (for obvious reasons) and you notice he knows both could die right there. As for the girl, you can clearly notice that was an ok like “I’m injured but at least I’m not dead”. You also notice she’s still not calm enough to think they’re already out of that mess. Plus the voices actually match their ages. The english version does not show any of this.

    1. “What’s amazing is the people that think the english voices are good.”

      What? What drugs are you smoking? The English voicework IS good, and so far seems on par with the Japanese version. So one teeny-tiny insignificant cutscene used in the trailer has voice overs that are inconsistent with the emotional tone of the scene, and all of a sudden the Japanese VA is miles ahead? Talk about pulling things out of your ass.

      “Plus the voices actually match their ages”

      Again, what? Noel’s voice sounds almost the same in both versions, Laura Bailey clearly went for the “adult woman” take on Serah over the “little sister” take Minako Kotobuki did, but they both fit the character well and they still made her sound like she was an adult female in their native languages. And as much as I love Maaya Sakamoto, Ali Hills gave Lightning a much more badass voice. I will concede that Alyssa sounds much, much better in the Japanese version.

      And no, I’m not biased toward the English version because I am a native English speaker. In many cases when it comes to anime and video games I prefer the Japanese voice acting, but in this case I have to say that they are both pretty good and I like, for the most part, the choices made for the English voice-overs, even if they make the occasional mistake.

  3. Pretty much the only JP VA that was better than the english counterpart in the original was Vanille’s, for obvious reasons. XD

    Lightning, Serah, Snow and Dysley were all WAY better than their JP counterparts.

  4. Yes some english translated anime and game have awesome dubbs…..but FF13 I could even get half way through the game cause of the english voices were so emotionless and corny. The english themesong threw me for a loop…..OMG good song…wrong game…… Also the gameplay was so boring I went to find some other game…..Star Ocean Last Hope PS3 was awesome….that actually had english or japanese voice options. You can explore all you want too.

    So does the Japanese version offer english subtitles?

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