EXCLUSIVE: A Brand New Screenshot!

Serah is holding the necklace that Snow gave her as a symbol of their engagement

Next Thursday (11th August 2011), Square Enix will release brand new screenshots and information from its forthcoming release, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. The new info and pictures will be released exclusively on our site!  As a taste of things to come, please find attached a brand new screenshot from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Here Serah (Lightning’s Sister) is seen holding the necklace that Snow gave her as a symbol of their engagement but Snow is nowhere to be found. Only time will tell what’s happened…

Where Snow could be? Comment your guess what has happened to Snow and where he is now!


35 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: A Brand New Screenshot!

  1. I agree with Jadu. Snow must be in the invisible world too. Maybe he went search Lightning or he is missing too! In that picture Serah has two necklaces so other must be Snow’s…So does this mean Snow is dead? O_O

  2. Rofl , she has both pendants and seems awfully happy about it. Must be because she realizes Snow wasn’t a memorable character …she agrees with the fans :D

  3. I actually think Snow’s the one telling her that his pendant has a new chain, it’s obviously not Serah saying it, and why would she look so happy? His probably broke some time before the game and he just got it fixed. That’s what i think anyway.

  4. If that’s her engagement necklace, then what is around her neck already? Snow’s necklace? I’m so confused…

  5. Maybe it’s the paradox?
    And so Serah’s necklace got doubled?

    Or, Snow is saying that HIS pendant has a new chain, and Serah’s looking at it.

    I go with the second one, though.

  6. omg the person who guessed it is snow talking is brilliant! i didnt think it could be anybody but her, so how awesome is it that snow may be revealed!

  7. Are you all dumb,snow is in the real world, it’s already been stated in magazines that snow is okay with serah being off with the new guy,whos name escapes me.

    You are all reading in to this way to much

  8. Snow’s pendant chain is a thin silver one without having the details seen, more like a string and this one’s is a brand new chain so I agree with LightningFarron21 that it is Snow’s dialogue not Serah’s

  9. Well, at least he’s getting mentioned somehow. I really balk at the idea of him not being around as much as this Noel character. Serah is Snow’s fiancee. He fought long and hard to be with her, sorrowed over the loss of her throughout the entire previous game, and proved throughout what a loyal, caring person he was to her and Lightning, no matter how crappy things became. I frankly don’t care what other fans thought of him; I loved him. Shoehorning him into the storyline because a bunch of whiners didn’t like his upbeat personality and *gasp* heroic approach over Lightning’s moody, fist slinging tantrums, is rather weak and regrettable.
    Whether they liked it or not, Snow played a big role in the previous game, and even has some fans (don’t fall out of your chairs!). It’s sloppy writing to just say things like “Oh well, he’s cool with the idea of the woman he expended blood,sweat, and tears over to just run off with some random guy on some crazy expedition, because fans don’t want him around anyway.” Yeaaah. That fits right in with Snow’s selfless personality. Pfft. I don’t like the idea of multiple endings for an FF either, as if they can somehow change all the groundwork laid down in the first and possibly make it inconsequential. All this negativety aside, I’m excited over new screenshots! :D

  10. Well hopefully Snow won’t be around to ruin Light and Serah’s reunion like he did in the last game. That was such an a** move.

  11. Continuing on from what Me said. Guys, seriously. Why don’t you give Snow a chance? Think about it this way: a fictional character doesn’t decide how he or she acts. That’s all on the person writing them.

    Squeenix said that there are supposed to be from minor to major changes with the main characters from the last game. They also said that they were LISTENING to the fan critiques for this game. Now while the opinions for the game itself were REEAALLYquite mixed, the fans were pretty much UNANIMOUS with their complaints concerning Snow’s personality. What with the hero complex and all that.

    So doncha think it’s QUITE LIKELY that they got rid of the hero complex and made him more of a realist while developing this game???

  12. If the pendant represents marriage, tied with Snow’s chain, maybe this new chain was given by Noel and could mean another thing: new chain, new bond, new love…I just love overanalyzing things.

  13. Where is Snow? Maybe he’s a pioneer helping to develop new homes/communities on Pulse.

    I really look forward to seeing how the years have changed Snow.
    It seems like for those who dislike him his only crimes are being too tall, confident, and extroverted.
    Granted he did behave like an overgrown frat boy, as was intended, but most importantly as the game progressed we came to find out that he’s overall good natured and truly loves Serah.
    Maybe he behaves and appears a little more responsible now.

  14. I think he is somewhere with lightning sense he is nowhere to be found including lightning.I’m really excited and I can’t wait to see the new second part of the story. Hopefully there’s a happy ending to this game because I can’t stand sad endings. And I’m still wondering who that mysterious guy is. I hope they tell us soon.

  15. I think he’s with lightning its just they didnt show him with her or maybe lightning is looking for him i guess. Idk

    I hope the characters that weren’t mentioned in the plot are back and alive! ( Vanille, Fang, Hope, and Sazh ) I’ll be sad……very sad ) :
    But i’ll still play just to see what happens. ( ; Im very excited too. Lookin forward to a good ending HOPEFULLY….

  16. I think every l’Cie has gone to this other world. Because of this Light, Snow, Sazh and Hope are “dead”. (Well… I hope Sazh is not in this world because of Dajh, but if he isn’t it’s quite unrealistic to me.) Maybe they have to free Etro or… I don’t really know. It could be that they have to be in this fal’cie created world because of these strange creatures like Atlas…. Just my opinion and thoughts.

  17. Maybe Snow is with Light, and he have found the exit of the invisible world. And on this screen, it’s him who speak to Serah, as some people have said, Serah have two pendants, so the one in her hand is at Snow.

  18. For those who are defending Snow- we don’t dislike him just because hes confiden etc. The guy is immature, irresponsible, arrogant, ignorant and selfish. Yes selfish. He cares about saving “his girl” and completely neglects everyone elses problems. He makes *everything* about him and Serah, and in the most dramatic, concieted way possible. I remember at the end [SPOILER] where illusions of Serah & Dazh appear. First Dazh shatters then Serah. Snow thinks this real. He is nonpulsed when Dazh shatters, but dramatically gets all ‘noooo Serah’. This is awful. Sazhs SON just got shattered and he sits there yelling and being ‘woe-is-me’, without so much as awknowledging this. Acting like that, in Sazhs face pretty much. Its horribly insensitive and selfish. [/SPOILER]
    Snow isnt just “upbeat & confident”. Imagine he was a real guy living on earth. He leads kids to kill innocent creatures so they can call themselves heros- and tells everyone how awesome it is to be one. He actually calls himself one. Anyone who self proclaims himself a hero is an arrogant, naive prat. Most things he does pre-game-getting-going is for his IMAGE. “Im a big awesome hero gonna save everyone and this makes me so cool.” Its disgusting actually.
    And YES it is his fault Nora died. Teaching kids to recklessly run off and ‘be heros’. He sees a mother with her child, doesnt say “I understand you want to fight, but you cant just leave your little boy here etc” Nope, Snow hands her a gun, doing his smiling and winking thing (ie acting like this is one big game of ‘im such a cool hero- lets all be heros!’ making a mockery out of the serious and dangerous situation- and encouraging others to act the same) And oops, the woman dies due to your reckless, shallow, arrogant, conceited, and idiotic behaviour. Well done you cocky MORON.
    And when he ‘repents’ for this- it still feels like one big “im being dramatic and a tortured soul, like a hero!” moment. He seems lost in it, as if Hope isnt even there (who cares what hes going through, right? This is another of YOUR ‘moments’) Seriously, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. You shouldnt care about your forgivness/regret/tortured soul right now, and certainly not in the over the top way you are. This boy just LOST HIS MOTHER. You should be making sure hes ok- and not making the moment 100% about you, your regret, and possible forgivness. Insensitive, selish IDIOT.
    Not to mention the umpteen times he ruined other peoples ‘moments’ or whatever, to indulge himself. He seriously thinks everything is about him (& Serah) and that hes going through more than anyone else and has the right to act so self-rightoues (again, not because he actually is naturally self-righteous, but because hes acting a hero.) In fact, hes so inconsiderate of what others are going through… when theyre ALL argubly going through worse (Lightning losing her sister, feeling its her fault, Sazh ditto about his SON, Hopes going through his mothers death, Fang & Vanille.. well i dont even need to explain that) Snows searching for the gf he constantly patronises.

    Im forcing myself to stop now, but thats only a small list considering what i could have wrote. I hope for my sanity he is not in FFXIII2

    1. To SAL

      What are you talking about for the last scene? I don’t remember Sazh getting pulsed when he saw Serah shatter? And remember how he thought this was real too? Otherwise he wouldn’t have reached out for his kid right before the shattering happened?

      Snow didn’t know that Nora was Hope’s mom remember? And how was Nora’s death Snow’s fault? Think about the stuation. The Sanctum intended to kill the civilians in the Hanging Edge from the very begininning as Lightning herself had said. What worse is that they have lots of really powerful toys to do it with. Like the giant scorpion that attacked Lightning and Sazh when they first entered and the giant airship that really DID do everyone in. And now that we’re on the subject of airships, THOSE guys don’t have to go through Snow’s and Gadots group to get to where Hope and Vanille and the other civilians were. They can just go directly to any part of the bridges that they want and attack.

      What I mean is that you can basically screw being where Snow and Gadot were at the time. If you are ANYWHERE in the Hanging edge you aren’t going to be safe. You only have the bridges that you can move along, so you might as well try to clear them at a faster rate so you can get the heck out of there faster. The more people fighting, the faster you can do so.

      And another thing. The time he spent trying to help those people escape is also the time he COULD have spent looking for Serah.

      When he was angsting after Hope lashed out at him, he still didn’t know that Hope’s was Nora’s son.

      In Palumpolum he keeps trying to tell Lightning about how Serah is going to come back. He also lashes out whenever Lightning tries to leave Serah behind.

      Did he even know about Sazh’s son? I think the only person other than him who mentioned Dajh was Vanille as a matter of fact.

      As killing monsters. Hope’s boomerang was used for SPORT HUNTING! Lightning didn’t have to join the army. She could have went to an orhpanage and maybe got to spend a LOT more time with Serah! instead, she starts killing monsters for money. Sazh is pilot in the army. He participates in the monster killings too! Fang and Vanille..hmmm I dunno what their lives were like exactly. But the thing is, NO ONE actually made a big deal out of killing the monsters in this game.

    2. Oh. I almost forgot. Once again. As for the people in the Hanging Edge. Snow NEVER encouraged those people to fight! His initial order was for those people to stay down while he and his friends try to clear a path. They WANTED to fight. And that includes Nora. In fact, he asked her a second time if she wanted to come with his group and she insisted.

    3. Continuing on from what anonymous said. As far as the other members of Team NORA go. The way I see it, independence might have a lot to do with why Snow’s letting these guys take on monsters too. Snow says that his family died before he could get to know them. And in the novels it is said that he doesn’t like having to rely on the Sanctum for every little thing. Security must be one of those things. He might also be trying to teach these kids to fight for themselves in case something happens and the Sanctum isn’t there to do anything about it. Now, considering what the Sanctum tries to do to EVERYONE in Bodhum for the enitre game until Yaag calls the Purge off, can you really say that he had the wrong idea?

      Plus, it’s not like he’s the ONLY one who thought like this (looks at Lightning, Vanille, and Fang).

  19. I think the only reason why Snow hasn’t actually appeared is because they don’t want to reveal his new design too soon.
    Also I dont think Serah loves Noel now, i think snows just letting her go with him because they can still use magic, whether it be because of Mog or Etro, while snow cant because fang and vanille used their power to stop them being l’cie. Then again they might have let serah keep her power because they new she would need it. Anyway im starting to ramble on but this is my opinion.

  20. While SAL’s rant was mostly a misunderstanding of the events of the game, he’s right about one thing. Lightning, Sazh and Hope are going through far WORSE times than he is. Lightning loses her sister and it’s basically her fault. Her sister that she raised by herself for 6 years and gave everything up for, twice.

    Sazh loses his son, pretty self explanatory.

    Hope loses his mother, same deal as with Sazh.

    Fang and Vanille lose their home, but I think that loss isn’t as bad and personal as Light, Sazh and Hope’s (they didn’t have a direct influence in it happening where as Light and Sazh did. For Hope, I think losing your mother would be more devastating than losing your home).

    Then you have, Snow. Who loses his fiance of a couple days. Sure he loves Serah, no denying that. But he simply hasn’t known her long enough to feel the pain that Light, Sazh and Hope do.

    Please note that I do like Snow, and wish he was traveling with Serah instead of Noel (it’d make way more sense). But he really didn’t have it as hard as everyone else in the party.

    1. Hmm..well I guess the deciding fact here is the matter in which Snow lost his parents. If he even remembers…

      I think he said he lost them before he was old enough to really know them, so I imagine that he was quite young

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