A Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Track At Tokyo Game Show?

Original Sound Version interviewed Square Enix’s product licensing division head Izumi Tsukushi and music licensing division promotion’s manager Akio Shiraishi. In the interview they told that they will have (a brand new) Final Fantasy XIII-2 track at Tokyo Game Show.

This also gave hints about a brand new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer. TGS starts on the 17th of September and ends on the 18th, so it is highly possible that they will release something new about Final Fantasy XIII-2 because the release timing fits with SqEx’s earlier XIII-2 news release days.

“OSV: On the topic of sampler CDs, will you be preparing your annual TGS sampler CD, and if so, any previews into the music it may include?

Shiraishi: We’re currently in the process of collecting the music for this CD. We’ll have ten or more tracks this year. We’ll have tracks from Type-0 and Final Fantasy XIII-2. There will be new titles announced at TGS and the music from those games may be featured. We’re also working on another unannounced NieR album, and a track may be included on the TGS sampler.”

Read full interview from here.


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