3 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots + More Coming Later

As promised, we have some new FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 screenshots and information for you today. We’re focusing on our friend the Moogle, who joins Serah and Noel on their adventure. You already know about his ability to transform into Serah’s weapon and to sniff out hidden items while exploring the game’s expansive environments, but did you know you can also throw him around?

It’s a rhetorical question. You didn’t already know that, because we’re only just announcing it. It’s true, though. The Moogle can be thrown to hard to reach places to pick up hidden treasures. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt him – though he may grumble a bit!

You can see some more new screenshots and a Q&A with the developers over at FFXIII-2 NEWS today. The new FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 info doesn’t stop here, though. We’ll have more coming on Monday, August 22nd. So keep checking back here at the Square Enix Blog.

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