9 Brand New Screenshots & 1 Piece of Art + Info!

The moogle A mysterious little creature, he makes himself useful by transforming into a weapon for Serah’s use. No one knows much about this strange animal who calls himself her guardian. People were led to believe that moogles don’t exist, and those who meet him for the first time assume he is merely a stuffed animal. Although shy at first, once he opens up, he is quite the chatterbox, teaching Serah and Noel all about the world and its history.

Moogle Throw As you gain the moogle’s trust, you will be able to perform an action called the Moogle Throw. You will discover treasure chests that are out of reach. In order to obtain the item inside, throw the moogle within its range. Work with the moogle to search every inch of the field to find and obtain hidden items. * The moogle does not like to be thrown and will show signs of disapproval.

Use the R1/LB button to throw the moogle. When aimed correctly, the moogle will be in range of the hidden items and will help you obtain them. Use the L1/LB button to grab the moogle, and aim with the stick. Ignore the moogle as it flails around, trying to escape your grasp.

8 thoughts on “9 Brand New Screenshots & 1 Piece of Art + Info!

  1. This was shit! What the hell SE!? Really nice to hype us up like that and then release a bunch of battle images that don’t really tell us anything.

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