A New Cactuar Fight Off-Screenshot!

One of our lovely readers shared this new picture of Final Fantasy XIII-2. It was taken a few weeks ago from Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo at Square Enix HQ. The reader told us that the demo was the same from E3 expo, but Cactuar was hided and it was meant to be hard to find. The reader also mentioned you can catch its crystal if you find it – so Cactuar a usuable monster for fighting.

What other monsters do you want to see in Final Fantasy XIII-2? What monsters you would like to use in your party?


10 thoughts on “A New Cactuar Fight Off-Screenshot!

  1. I only hope not to see the Giant Cactuar anymore, that was surely the most annoying opponent in all FF series…

    Speaking of the supporting monsters, I don’t know… The feature is surely new, but still I don’t find it very appealing.

  2. I really want to use those giant turtles that were in Gran pulse in ff13. They can defeat you in one hit.

    I would earn points faster if they have you do the same thing that we did in ff13. Sure hope they have those but it will take me a while just to get them.

  3. I’d much rather have more playable characters aside from Noel, Serah and Light.
    Square’s not really serious about only three + guests, right? RIGHT?

  4. I hope Nobody dies at End of the game. That’s my biggest fear! : (

    Lately, People say he or she will die and I don’t likes that. Please I don’t want anybody dead.

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