5 New Screenshots and 1 Piece of Art

Serah is holding a knife which belongs to Lightning.
Melee Weapons: Close in on the enemy and strike when they're in arm's reach.
Bows and Arrows: Attack the enemy from a safe distance using projectiles.
Paddra Ruins which used to be one of the largest city on Gran Pulse.
Yaschas Massif


10 thoughts on “5 New Screenshots and 1 Piece of Art

  1. Yeah, I agree, I’m getting pretty tired of the same two characters and places all over the time. Maybe it is time to show something really new.. I mean, the only really breaking news was Light’s fight against Chaos Bahamut.

    Oh, and another thing: one of last reported interviews cited that random encounter will return in this game “to keep the players’ tension high”; I just hope we do not fall back to those game where random battle were incredibly annoying and frustrating! One of FFXIII nicest features was the ability to get some time between one fight and another, allowing you to take your time if needed.

    1. “There are also monsters that will appear in the field as well so you can think of these developments as having improved this area overall from the original.” from Motomu Toriyama interview (check it on this site).So basically we’ll have both.

  2. ^ +20

    btw the bow of serah can read in etro language

    in the right


    in the left


    the rest is in very tiny letters xD

  3. On Serah’s bow, it has latin words. I know what the symbols mean, and what the translation is from Latin to English.

    Put it together as:
    Lumen illustrans verum longe lateque aetatum.
    In English it means:
    Light illuminating the truth of ages far and wide.

    Wow, this is AMAZING!

  4. The second statement should mean “light shows the truth”, while I’m not yet sure of the first one: “aetatum” means “age”, but I don’t quite understand “longe” and “lateque”. My latin is quite rusty..

  5. sorry the multiple post
    i think the big letters in the symbol of the clothes of serah says

    i tried to found some translation

    SAECLLA=SAECLA= plural form of saeculum that means “generations”

    PRIMRA=PRIMUS= means “first”

    both forms “generations first” or maybe “first generations”

    but maybe i could be wrong i just use google xD
    i want to know more about the history of the game =(

  6. While new screenshots are always awesome, I really want to know how Serah got the knife. I mean, wouldn’t Lightning have had it with her when she vanished?

    …Unless this is mentioned somewhere and I just missed it?

    1. About the knife. What if Lightning gave it to Hope for example, before she left? After all, Hope carried the knife for a while in the original game, and it had some influence on him. So maybe Lightning left it for him, so that he would remember her, but now Hope has lost it somehow and Serah found it? I know this is just a speculation, but it is possible, right?

      That CG render picture about Serah looks perfect. It somewhat resembles Lightning’s similar render from XIII.

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