A Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Quest For Lightning” Trailer!

IGN released a brand new FFXIII-2 trailer, but their link didn’t work on our site, but someone has already uploaded the trailer on YouTube! Enjoy!


15 thoughts on “A Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Quest For Lightning” Trailer!


    Also, I wonder how Noel knows Lightning… and why the heck is he acting like he's actually met her ("I know she wants to see you")

  2. Love looooooooove this trailer!!!!!! Serah acting as if Snow’s dead?! More serious scenes with her and Noel, another scene with Alyssa, Hope making a badass appearance as her saves the day, and Lightning’s mystery rival making his first in-game appearance and first sound: a Sephiroth-like “Hmph.”

  3. Guys! I just realized that the guy doing Noel’s voice does Max Goof’s voice from all the Disney movies and shows! (He’s also Kovu from Lion King II and Haku from Spirited Away…he was also on Full House which I find hilarious). I love that guy! I’m so excited!

  4. Waouh this video is fantastic, Serah and Noel are so great with their gameplays and Lightning is very sad about her sister when she speak about her. I want more informations but I think we have to wait until the TGS!

  5. I want to see more Lightning. I wish they would at least give a screenshot of Lightning just saying something to someone, but no spoilers. But nothing they’ve already shown us.

  6. Oo, I hope we get to use hope >.<, since it's been awhile I'm sure he'll be a cool character now. Since he was lightning's pupil (:

  7. Hey, I tried to go to the link on my e-mail report, and it looks like IGN is restricting this. Even though you may already know, I figured I’d comment. Just Copy-right issues.

  8. Yeah!!!!!! Hope is back!!!!

    But I’m still waiting for those these characters: Vanille, Fang, and Sazh

    They should all be back!!! If they make another trailer I want to see all the characters from ff13 and see there new appearances ( which I’m excited about :) I hope they make another trailer.

  9. OMG!! :O it’s HOPE!!!!!

    If he’s back…..Sazh should!!! ( if they don’t I’m mad )

    I still don’t know about Vanille and Fang.
    If they come back I’ll be very happy that every playable character from ff13 is back!! :D

    Lord knows that I want all of them back.
    Let’s hope that sense ff13-2 is going to be the last chapter of this game, IT WILL END GOOD AND EPIC!!! ( lord knows I don’t like sad endings )

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