FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 PAX (Quest for Lightning) Trailer Featuring Japanese Voices & Colored Serah Playarts Figure

FFAYU took pictures of the colored Serah playarts figure. Square Enix Japan has also released the PAX trailer (a.k.a “Quest for Lightning trailer”) featuring Japanese voices. Enjoy! Which you prefer Japanese or English voices? Comment!




12 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 PAX (Quest for Lightning) Trailer Featuring Japanese Voices & Colored Serah Playarts Figure

  1. Between the english and japanese version, i prefer the japanese voices because it’s the original version. It’s more dynamic. After, the english voices are not bad because it’s more comprehensible : but less good than japanese voices :D :) !!!

  2. I like the Japanese version, but the English one is just as good. What I didnt like about the Japanese one is that when they showed the purple-haired guy and he did the wheezy-like laugh/grunt/etc…. It kinda made him sound like an old man >.<

  3. I prefer Noel’s japanese voice, but thats it. xD
    I kinda hate Serah’s japanese voice it’s so super…girly… Wow, first time I prefer english dub over a japanese one..

  4. Always Japanese. They are superior and not awkward in anyway for me. I’m a fan of many of the seiyuu’s as well so It’s a great thing to see them voice. Chinese Version of the game ftw for Dual-Audio.

  5. I prefer English voices in this Final Fantasy. The Japaness voices are good but not like the english voices. Lightning, Serah and Noel voices are so amazing in english!

  6. Seems like a great game with a great OST better than FFXIII, but i can’t understand one thing,, do you play with lightening and sarah! are there like separate games?

  7. Srry for my last comment to those who read I accidentally clicked publish.

    Anyway, I just realized how cute Noel is.
    The whole time I was talking about other things but I didn’t talk about the new character.
    Noel seems attractive to me, I don’t know why he just does.
    Something about him caught my eye and Idk maybe how he talks or his appearance.
    I know people think he looks like somebody else or he is ugly, but if you pay close attention,he seems charming, brave, and sexy all at the same time which is my opinion.

  8. Japaneses voices are always better, but English voices are not bad. I still prefer english because I want to understand what they’re saying. I mean, even if has japanese voices with english subtitles still wouldn’t be good, it would look strange.

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