Huge Colored Lightning & Serah Playarts Gallery!

“If you want to watch more pictures, check Marshal.Alloc’s blog!”



4 thoughts on “Huge Colored Lightning & Serah Playarts Gallery!

  1. Can you Please tell us if any more announcements of ff13-2 coming out? Sometimes when I go on this website I’m totally late and sometimes early. Like when I go on, nothing new would be there and if I wait too long I miss like over 5 announcements. I understand that if you can’t tell us if any announces are coming up but I’m just wondering if you have the chance to can you do it? I want to be on the right track. Any way these are beautiful pictures of the action figures. I sure hope more comes soon. IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! :D

  2. Who care’s about Jadu’s opinions? they suck!

    Anyways, they both look absolutely fantastic, just perfect. Lightning’s the better looking of the two, imo. Can’t wait to see them with the articulation in at TGS.

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