A New Shônen Jump Scan With Lightning CG-Render!

Warning, slight spoilers ahead.

Jump gets the scoop on FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 this week (with Famitsu continuing coverage in their next issue), this time, letting us in on a few story details surrounding the game.

The magazine mentions that Lightning is in fact the only remaining relative of Serah. She’s gone off alone, now fighting as a knight to protect a shrine of the Goddess Etro in the land of Valhalla. There are some images of her with Odin in the article.

As for new main character Noel, he is actually from the future. As the last surviving human being from his world, he returns to the past in hopes of changing that fate.

Thanks for the scan, Aibo_ac7!


10 thoughts on “A New Shônen Jump Scan With Lightning CG-Render!

  1. Not a problem with lefties, a problem with her being right-handed in the first game then changing it to left lol.

    And Serah’s the protagonist, not Lightning. :(

  2. Link was left handed in the Legend of Zelda! :p I always thought that was pretty neat.

    The problem with Lightning being left handed here is that she was a righty in FF13 and in all the gameplay and trailers she has appeared in for 13-2… Is she actually ambidextrous? Or does the sudden change to left handedness symbolize something…? Or perhaps it was a mistake?

  3. Lightning was originally right handed. She never showed any signs of being ambidextrous while using her weapons. That’s why some of us find it strange.

  4. Maybe they just did that for the picture because they wanted to show off the sword. Who knows! It is a major part of the game so it doesn’t really bother me much.

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