30 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots!

“Famitsu.com has posted a screenshot-filled article for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The screens cover all the items that were shown in Dengeki and Weekly Famitsu this week.

These appear to be from early on in the meeting of Serah and Noel. In one screen, Noel tells Serah that they should search for Out-of-Place Artefacts to open a gate. See below for what he’s talking about.

The “gate” Noel refers to is a time travel gate which can be activated through the use of Out-of-Place Artefacts. These gates are located throughout the world. Open a gate, and you can select the era and location you’d like to travel to next.

These two screens show the Bresha Ruins area at AF005 (left) and 295 years later at AF300 (right).

Lightning and her summon Odin serve as knights protecting the shrine of the Goddess Etro. This is everything for Lightning.

Below, shots of Valhalla, the city that surrounds Etro’s Shrine. Players take control of Lightning in battle against encroachers.”

Text from Andriasang


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