FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 BS11 Special Commercials

BS11′s FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 special show is only 2 days away now. To remind you, a set of two commercials has started airing on BB11. Commercials are  promising  new gameplay footage, interview & systems.

On September 15, Japanese TV station, BS11, will be airing a special FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 related broadcast. The broadcast will be airing the program from 20:00 to 20:30.  A brand new FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 trailer will also see its debut! Special guest, Sazh Katzroy (Masashi Ebara), will be in attendance!

Square-Enix has already promised that their TGS videos will hit the web. If there is some BB11 streams coming on 15th September, we will hit you guys up and send links that you can follow the show too!

We also made our own commercial for the BS11 broadcast. Are you guys excited about the new trailer? What do you want to see in it?


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