Final Fantasy XIII-2 has its own Golden Saucer

“Final Fantasy XIII-2
producer Yoshinori Kitase sat down with Sony during their latest “Play Live” talk session at the Tokyo Game Show, where he was quizzed on the upcoming sequel.

As noted by Famitsu, Kitase mentioned XIII-2 will have an amusement area (similar to Final Fantasy VII‘s Golden Saucer) with mini-games like Chocobo racing and a casino.

Post-release downloadable content has already been confirmed for XIII-2, but Kitase went into more detail as to what to expect. We’ll see additional costumes, weapons, and monster downloads, according to the producer.”



5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 has its own Golden Saucer

  1. I wonder if there will be a scene where Sarah/Noel have to have a romantic ferris wheel ride to!

    Gonna go listen to the golden saucer music on repeat now!

    1. I totally agree

      Serah/Noel is wayyyy better than Snow/Serah

      And why aren’t they married yet and why did he give her his engagement necklace?
      He’s suppose to keep it right? And in that trailer Noel looked like he was fussin at him about something. Idk what but I hope
      they in up together. Serah/Noel

      And I hope lightning gets him straight for leaving his finacee alone

      1. It’s because, if you check the subbed version (only 2 vids, but they are both flipped) Snow left because Serah was depressed about Lightning disappearing and Snow knew that Serah would never be happy unless Snow got Lightning back home.

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