Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning vs. Kaias CGI Cutscene Clip!

Japanese inside Xbox showed a brand new clip about Final Fantasy XIII-2 where Lightning and Kaias where fighting against each others + lots of Odins! Enjoy!
Big thanks for Miladesn for telling about this for us!



14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning vs. Kaias CGI Cutscene Clip!

  1. I hope that there’s going to be a longer clip for the xBox! I really hope this is not the trailer that was reported to be coming out! :( Yes, it’s cool, but… I expected a full trailer.

    1. There is still a full trailer to come, this is just part if it. There’s a description of what happens in it on forums already, apparently Kaias stabs Noel in the back and he falls down bleeding. Sounds like a great trailer, no wonder they’re holding out on releasing it lol.

      1. NNNNOOO!!!

        I don’t want them to take him away!!
        Noel is my favorite character
        Even though we didn’t even get to play with him untill 2012

        But please don’t let him die!!!!! Please god I’m begging you!!!!
        If that’s going to happen at least give him cure so he can alive.

  2. OMG whats with all the odins… do u really need that many to fight one guy XD well what ever still looks a bad @ss looking game cant wait :/ it feels like forever before it comes out!

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