Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailers Released In English! (PS3&XBOX360 VERSIONS!)

“You’ll be greeted with two trailers, one showing PlayStation 3 footage,  the other showing Xbox 360 footage. Each one is cut differently and includes unique scenes from the game. The menus and the lip synching that you see in these trailers are from the Japanese version of the game, but the final European version will obviously feature fully localised menus and lip synching.

“We are also announcing a couple of other pieces of news. Firstly, you may also be happy to hear that there will be post-launch downloadable content to expand on the game in the months after release. Additionally, the singer Charice, who you may recognise from the TV show ‘Glee’, will be singing “New World”, the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 theme song, in the European version of the game.” –

Square Enix EU Members Blog

Enjoy & Thanks Gematsu for the trailers!


7 thoughts on “Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailers Released In English! (PS3&XBOX360 VERSIONS!)

  1. Wow. Hopefully this’ll shut up all the whining and complaining. Both trailers are loaded with spoilers but are awesome nonetheless. Especially after being stuck with that E3 trailer for a while.

  2. Not sure if this qualifies as news, but a new ability has been spotted in both trailers!

    The ability is called Stormblow. In English it would likely be named Stormstrike. Judging by the name and animation, it appears to be a wind-elemental RAV strike ability. This opens the door to more ability additions too. :)

  3. I heard somewhere that this isn’t english libbed yet so thats a good thing. these trailers look awesome. I am finally starting to like Noel

  4. Every news that I go on
    People say that ff13-2 isn’t suppose to have a happy ending like the first game.

    If someone is going to die in this game it better not be the characters that like!!!
    Oohhh if they kill Noel serah lightning or any other character I like I swear I’m going OFF!! >:(

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