FFXIII/-2: What Does This Sony’s ‘Long Live Play’ Teaser Mean?

Notice Lightning's Gunblade there!

Sony has released a brand new “Long Live Play” teaser which is teasing about something what will be announced on 5th October. It isn’t yet sure what they will show then, but one thing is sure – they showed Lightning’s gunblade in the teaser.

What does this mean? Exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIII/-2 content for PS3? FFXIII for Vita? FINAL FANTASY XIII-3? What do you guys think?

11 thoughts on “FFXIII/-2: What Does This Sony’s ‘Long Live Play’ Teaser Mean?

  1. It’s not even The final fantasy universe. Not that time, not the kind of atmosphere.
    The events Final Fantasy occur in an alternate world. Where are fal’Sie technologies, the soldiers of the future, modern equipment, electronic gadgets.
    And here we see a kind of Call Of Duty with magic tricks (shining ball).
    It will be a new game for the PS consoles.
    Lightning’s gunblade? Just a coincidence. Or does this movie actually – the threshold of a new PS-shop or something like that, which we will show further borrowing things from other games.
    But this does not apply to straight Final Fantasy, that’s for sure

  2. uhh really sorry to kill your guys buzz but its not actually just FF if you watch carefully there is very well hidden hints of all the major ps3 titles! but it looks interesting and raises many questions

  3. I don’t see how that resembles the gunblade, but I may as well not have looked close enough. Though I can’t imagine it will.. I dunno, “affect” the game in any way.

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