Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bonus Download Content Announced

Pre-order the game and you will get amazing 'ANGEL BOW'!!

“Square Enix has promised post-release download content for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but it has yet to provide specific examples. Today, we got some hints as Square Enix announced the download content that will be given to those who buy the game at select shops.

Pre-order FFXIII-2 from Lawsons or HMV, and you’ll get a download code for a weapon for Serah. The weapon is an angel’s bow and arrow that converts the damage it deals to enemies into an HP boost for Serah.

Square Enix promised an image of the item in a future update.”

Source: Andriasang

NOTICE: You may unlock this weapon if you just play the game. Pre-order gift just gives early access to it. *not offcial information*

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bonus Download Content Announced

  1. I really love the fact that Square Enix is actually embracing DLC finally unlike previously, and in the RIGHT WAY unlike a lot of other companies. They’re not skimping on content but giving us extras which are totally optional.

  2. I’d pre-order it if they announced more playable characters. I couldn’t care less about some weapon we’ll STILL GET!

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