Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets One to Two Download Content Updates per Month!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting paid download content. But two questions remain: how much, and how much?

Regarding the first how much, producer Yoshinori Kitase told Dengeki PlayStation this week that the game will have a large amount of DLC. As a rough schedule, he said to expect one to two updates every month, each containing multiple items.

As for the other how much, Kitase said that they’re not able to speak about the contents’ price yet. He promised a good balance between price and the quality that customers will accept.

Square Enix has already announced a few pieces of DLC so far, including costumes, weapons and enemies. Kitase said to expect the content to be more involved than just downloading an item or weapon. The content will also be mixed in with play elements, where you have to defeat a monster in order to get an item, for instance.

Kitase confirmed that the game’s downloadable costumes and weapons will show up in event scenes. They’re currently making the necessary adjustments to get this working.

Outside of the interview with Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama, the Dengeki story provided a detailed look at the game’s “Summon Raid” and “Syncro Drive Gauge” systems.

Summon Raid (I’m not sure if this is the actual English name) involves capturing monsters for use in battle. Here’s the general flow of this system:

  • During battle, some percentage of your foes will turn to crystal. The percentage is dependent on the monster.
  • You can set your Summon Raid with up to three monsters. The monsters have specific roles.
  • During battle, as you switch Paradigms, the monsters will automatically swap in and out in accordance with their roles.

Synchro Drive Gauge is a special move system for your monster allies. When you have a monster taking part in battle, it builds up its Synchro Guage. When this builds up all the way, the monster will unleash a powerful special move. These may have quick timer events.



5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets One to Two Download Content Updates per Month!

  1. Nickel and dime-ing us to death, huh? I might spring for a DLC combo-pack with everything released for a good deal, but a series of costume and weapon releases? Poor.

  2. This is interesting considering Square Enix has usually been against DLC from what I’ve seen. I think this might be an attempt on their part to emulate Western Developers. Not necessarily the best thing to copy, but they’re trying to figure something out.

  3. Hiya anons and every1 else! I hope they better include DLC stuff for lightning as well. Since it confirm you can switch leader, i hope it not just noel and serah.

    Then again i have low expectation, since basically is toriyama involved. At least the battle system, graphic/arts design, and music all I’m going for now.

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