New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details From Dengeki

Here are a few new bits on Final Fantasy XIII-2 via Dengeki PlayStation’s latest feature on the game.

In an interview with the magazine, producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama said that Snow and Serah lived together in the two years after the events of FFXIII-2. However, they’re not married.

They also touched upon the recently revealed Kaias character, calling him the strongest enemy in Final Fantasy series history.

Square Enix has been slowly announcing download content for the game. There may be more to the DLC than just handing over your money, though. As an example, the two said to picture something where you get the new items after defeating newly added enemies.

Outside of the interview, the magazine has information on the game’s monster calling system, whose Japanese name translates to Summon Raid (I’m not sure if this is the English name). Some enemies will turn to crystal form after you defeat them. This means that you’ve captured them. You can then place them in a deck with other monsters.

It’s likely that we’ll get further details from the feature later in the day or tomorrow, so be sure and check back!



6 thoughts on “New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details From Dengeki

  1. im pretty sure that its a typo. they meant 2 years after the events of XIII. But earlier they said that Lightning and Caius are of equal strength. Does that make Lightning stronger than Sephiroth too?

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