4 Brand New Screenshots & a Brand New FFXIII-2 Trailer Released!

IGN has exclusively released a brand new “New Adventures” trailer and four brand new screenshots!

"When a Chocobo is too small"
Multicasting! "Burn baby, burn!"

Also earlier today they released a brand new trailer what showed brand new clips and also some old ones too. For those who hasn’t yet finished FINAL FANTASY XIII, trailer would be a bit spoilish. Otherwise, enjoy!

Source: NeoGaf & Miladesn


3 thoughts on “4 Brand New Screenshots & a Brand New FFXIII-2 Trailer Released!

  1. Awesome Pics and trailer. Thanks this website people or mods you are super great.

    I hope it has new skills, and abilities(maybe free DLC). someone translated TGS trailer gameplay said a new skill for ravanger Storm-strike(might be one for aero) I hope this is true. Again i really hope that there are more party members like lightning and “whatever you guys want” to join permanently.

    Square don’t give us just serah, noel and monster, good for games but this is FINAL FANTASY.

    Would be cool if there is role for blue magic, basically would be kinda like most of the current roles mixed together but with blue magic. have simple list if it >20 group them and it will randomly pick a magic, like random blue spell 1 bar, support/defense/offense 2 bars or something. This might be a bad idea.

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