EB EXPO 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Available in Three Editions in Europe!


“Big announcement for fans awaiting the follow up to Final Fantasy XIII, Namco Bandai in association with Square-Enix confirmed at EB Expo over the weekend that the heavily awaited Final Fantasy XIII-2will indeed come in more than one edition.

Much like a lot of the AAA titles of late, you’ll be able to choose from three editions when the epic adventure of Lightning and cohorts continues on February 3rd in Europe.

The news was delivered during a live playthrough demonstration on the EB Expo Arena stage. I later confirmed with Namco Bandai that you will be able to select from your choice of either a standard edition, a limited edition or a big-boy special edition. No details have been revealed on what the limited and special editions will contain, but Square Enix is set to reveal all this coming week.

Team Nora Wallpaper!

Pre-order bonuses in the form of downloadable content will also be available through selected retailers. Again, this will also be revealed this week.

The triple choices are definitely destined for Australia and may also be available in Europe and other PAL territories given the nature of the reveal. Be sure to check back later this week for when we catch word of what kind of goodies will be packed in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 limited run packages.”

6 thoughts on “EB EXPO 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Available in Three Editions in Europe!

    1. Well we never got the Limited Editions for XIII, FFIV Complete Collection, Dissidia 012, KH: BBS and The Third Birthday, so I’m saying that we won’t. Square hates North America when it comes to limited editions. Someone will probably respond to this saying “well you get the game 3 days earlier!” well I’d rather wait 3 days and get the LE then get the game early. :P

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