London (19th October 2011) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in Nordic territories & EU & Australia, today announces two exclusive FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2 Special Editions; the LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION and the CRYSTAL EDITION, alongside the NORDIC EDITION (for Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark..) of the game. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is due to be released in Nordic territories on 3rd February 2012.

Steelbook edition

The LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION will come housed in unique packaging and will include the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 game; a Composer Selected Soundtrack CD featuring a number of the music tracks from the game specially chosen by FINAL FANTASY XIII’s development team; an artwork book “The Art of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2”, featuring material from various stages of the game’s development; 6 collectible postcards featuring high quality CG artwork of main characters in the game; and a High Definition Lenticular Art print of the character, Lightning.

The CRYSTAL EDITION includes all of the items detailed above, although the Composer Selected Soundtrack CD is replaced with a 4-Disc FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Original Soundtrack containing the entire collection* of background music from the game, in premium packaging. Also included is a highly exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 T-Shirt from the SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS range that will not be available for purchase elsewhere. The CRYSTAL EDITION is a strictly limited edition and will be packaged in a presentation box.

The NORDIC EDITION will include the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 game and four additional downloadable pieces of content; an alternate costume for both Serah and Noel; a unique weapon for Noel, with a special look and gameplay effects; and a recruitable monster battle: defeat Omega, the famous FINAL FANTASY boss monster, and then have it join your party as you continue on your adventure.


LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION £59,99/68€ (Amazon.co.uk) – £44,85/55,45€ (Zavvi.com):
Unique packaging containing the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 game, plus:

  • Composer Selected Soundtrack: CD with selection of music tracks from the game, specially chosen by the composers
  • Artwork book “The Art of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2”, featuring artwork across the production
  •   6 collectible postcards, featuring high quality CG artwork of main characters in the game
  • High Definition Lenticular Artprint, showing an iconic image of the Lightning character

CRYSTAL EDITION £79,99/91€ (Amazon.co.uk) – 73,95€/£59,85 (Zavvi.com):
Presentation box containing the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 game, plus:

  • 4-Disc FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Original Soundtrack, with premium digipak packaging
  • Exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 T-Shirt from the SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS range. Never to be available elsewhere!
  • Artwork book “The Art of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2”, featuring artwork across the production
  • 6 collectable postcards, featuring high quality CG artwork of main characters in the game
  • High Definition Lenticular Artprint, showing an iconic image of the Lightning character

* Original Soundtrack item for the Crystal Edition does not include the song “New World” performed by Charice. All other background music from the game is included

PRE-ORDER EXTRAS (The steelbook is part of the preorder pack so if you pre-order the Normal Edition/Limited Edition/Crystal Edition from certain retailers, you will get it):


  • An exclusive steelbook case
  • A downloadable content pack, the “Fight In Style” pack, which contains a new recruitable monster (Omega) and alternate costumes for both Serah and Noel
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII -Episode i-, a novella that fills the gaps between FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2
  • Three lithograph artcards, showing key images for the game


  1. Umm…i’ll take the nordic edition,the crystal one is cool,but 91€?? no way,btw i just want the alternate costumes for Serah and Noel xD

  2. That steelbook pack looks horrendous, i’m not pre-ordering the game until i’m certain I won’t get that horrible thing through the post. I’ll go for the limited collectors edition. Amazon.co.uk is allowing pre-order now and says something about Noel’s weapon, so hopefully that means no horrible steelbook case. I don’t get why games do that. Like re5, i’d of got the collectors edition when it came out if it wasn’t steel book, they look so cheap and tatty

  3. I must have the Episode i book, but where can I get it?
    I really prefer purchasing stuff from Amazon, but if there’s no other choice, then so be it. As long as I can get my hands on the book; I know for a fact I’m gonna get the Crystal Edition! I can tell you’ll get most out of your money by purchasing this one; I mean an exclusive T-shirt and even more CDs, I’ll get poor just so that I can buy that :D

  4. I want to get the free bonus ” the novel , steelbook pack ..etc ”
    but i don’t see it at amazon . can anyone tell me how to get it ?


  5. All the stuff in the last pic you can only get from GAME.co.uk if you live in the UK (I just canceled my Crystal Edition with Amazon.co.uk to get GAME’s Crystal Edition with all the extra stuff in the last pic too)
    WOOOO! I’m so happy :)

  6. Ill take the crystal edition with the preorder bonuses please!!! God I love being a working man!!! Gonna book a few days off for it x

  7. Ok wait, so if I don’t live in the UK and I pre-order the Crystal Edition from GAME.co.uk and have it shipped to the U.S. then I do not get the pre-order stuff? Why? I see that international shipping is available. Just checking.

  8. Question, since this is my first time ordering a special edition game I am not sure of what to do. Should I just buy the Limited Collectors’ Edition? Or should I wait for a possibility of the Crystal Edition to be in stock again? Or should I wait and see if there is going to be a Special Edition in Japan? Are these even possibilities? Thank You.

    1. If the Crystal Edition is sold out, it’s probably never gonna be back in stock since it’s a special edition, so only a certain number many are made.
      Which is why you have to get in there quick to get one.

      1. Thanks for your advise. I hate the fact that I told my dad and he said yes and then Ic heck the next morning and it’s gone. Well, it’s not gone but I wanted it from GAME.co.uk. Remember I asked about if I could get the pre-order extras if i ordered it from UK to US? Then I was like “FUCK!” cause I’m living in Mexico right now and was gonna get it sent from UK, to US, to Mexico. Well listen to this. My dad’s current girlfriend has a sister who is married to a guy from the UK, and she offered tell her sister’s husband to get it sent to his house in London and then sent to the U.S. and then here. SO I COULD get the pre-order bonuses from GAME.co.uk. Well here is my second dilemma. Should I get the CRYSTAL VERSION from another retailer (if they last til tonight) or should i get the Limited Collector’s Edition form GAME.co.ok and get the pre-order bonuses? I’m crazy… SOrry LOL!

      2. It all depends on what you want more, the pre-order bonuses from GAME or the Crystal Edition. You should decide soon since they may run out of all Limited and Crystal editions.

      3. Thank you sir, but now I see that the Crystal Editions is back! Gonna get that! But I feel bad cause I am making my mom get me Collectors’ Editon of the OST. LOL! I am spoiled. But anyway, I am so happy!!! Thanks for your advice kinds sir. You take good care X:D

    1. Claro que no wey. Que te hace pensar eso? Si apenas venden Final Fantasy, que te hace pensar que en Mexico habra una Crystal Version. Si ni en E.U. hay una. Espero que si porque mi familia vive alla y pues me la compran. Deveras creias que hiba a vr una version Crystal en Mexico?

    1. I don’t know if you can get it there, you should look on retailers websites to see if they are selling the game with them.
      All I know is that GAME.co.uk has the UK exclusive stuff that you want, but you have to live in the UK for that.
      Sorry that I couldn’t have been of any more help to you :(

  9. Figures….the one game that I had pre-ordered that I was hoping for a Collector’s Edition for and it isn’t even getting released in NA as well….

    I hope they give North America a Collector’s Edition. At the very least they can put all of our pre order bonuses in ONE location in ONE Collector’s Edition for North America. Why do we have to pre order from different places to get everything when other regions get all this awesome stuff in one package?

    Not that I mind that the PAL regions are getting extra stuff. That isn’t what I’m saying. I just wish they would release this stuff WORLDWIDE and not just at a few select places. There are fans all over the world, not just in certain areas…

    1. Yeah, It is a shame that they don’t have extras for other places as well. Maybe special editions don’t sell as well in North America? I don’t know though.

  10. Are people saying that game.co.uk have sold out of the crystal edition? If soThat’s not true because I just preordered mine over the phone with the preorder bonuses and there wasn’t a problem!! X

    1. Is that so? Well I checked last night just to see if they had the Collector’s Edition left and not Crystal appeared. I just checked now, and Crystal Edition appeared. I almost shat myself haha! Ok, so I’m getting this tonight hopefully. I kinda feel bad tho cause I am getting the Crystal edition now and my mom is getting me the collector’s edition of the soundtrack. I guess I’ll have two versions of it. Sweet!!! I am so happy to get this shit! One last question, How they they know your T-shirt size? Is it all one size? TThanks!!!!!!

      1. The t-shirt size is probably going to be a Large, I’m guessing this from when my brother bought his Black Ops special edition he got a Large shirt and his friends did to. So yeah, I don’t know. I’m just basing it on previous experiences, I don’t know everything, I’m just a Woman!!! LOL ^_^

    2. Oh right. I don’t know if they sold out or not online. They could have different numbers of stock for their online site compared to what they have in store. Maybe that’s why you got one over the phone.

      1. Sorry about that! I figured you were a male. Sorry again. Well you have been very helpful, I am hopefully getting my Crystal Edition ordered sometime later today London time, since it’s like 4 in the mo. I just wonder if the guy who is getting it for me is going to the store or ordering it. Hopefully he doesn’t screw it up and somehow gets me no pre-order bonus stuff. Do you by aby chance lie in the UK? And do you know if GAME stores do their pre-orders how they do it in GameStop? At Game Stop, you can pay $0.25 cents minimum (I think) and get your copy reserved.And just pay the rest. Cause from what the guy is sounding like, he doesn’t want to pay it all up front.

      2. Well, my brother pre-ordered some games once, and they usually just give you a receipt and maybe take a contact number, and you just take the receipt to the checkout counter and they will get you the copy you pre-ordered on the release day. Sometimes they ask you for a small deposit when you pre-order, but I’m not sure if that’s the same as what Game Stop does, since we don’t have them over here in the UK. But it sounds like that same thing to me form what you’ve told me.
        If you’re worried about the pre-order stuff, get the guy to ask if it comes with the pre-order bonuses, and they should be able to tell him.

        And don’t worry about the male thing, I guess it doesn’t help when I have my name down as Rob, lol, my friends call me it since it’s short for Robyn :D

      3. Oh and thanks about the T-shirt info. Maybe I’ll get it altered to fit me anyway. Or take off the sleeves cause I’m a show off hahah. Thank you

      4. Oh! Ok, I see! Well either way, the guys didn’t order it yet as far as I know. My dad’s girlfreind told him to, but I am not sure of whether he did or not. I hope he did since it’s sod out once more on the Game site. I will have to have my dad’s girlfriend tell him to go to the store personally an check if they have the Crystal Edition in stores. I wish I could have someone who is more interested in videogames do this but sadly I know no one.

  11. So are you going to update us on when they are going to announce a North American version right? RIght?! O_O I need to know!

  12. is the steelbox and DLC and stuff in the preorder pack UK-exlusive, meaning you have to live in UK to get them?

    if so, can i ask a friend living in UK friend to help ship it to me? will there be any problems

    1. The steelbook stuff you can only get in the UK, and you have to get it from GAME.co.uk.
      If you live in Europe, I’m pretty sure the DLC codes should work, but if you live elsewhere e.g. USA, then the codes probably won’t work, same with the game since PS3 is region locked.

      But if you want the stuff, then yeah, you’ll have to get a friend to pre-order the game from GAME.co.uk. You only get the steelbook stuff if you pre-order.

  13. Do I really need to buy the Special Edition to get Omega? I don’t want the soundtracks or any other stuff. Will the code work for the regular North American release?

  14. I preordered crystal edition from gamestop. And have not yes seen anything that resesembles A downloadable content pack, the “Fight In Style” pack, which contains a new recruitable monster (Omega) and alternate costumes for both Serah and Noel. What a dope i am dont pay for it people. Just buy the original copy its a great game!

    1. I ordered the regular version from Amazon. They sent me the code for Omega but I haven’t received the game in the mail yet.

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