A Preview Clip of the Japanese Theme Song of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released!

A new preview clip of the Japanese theme song of Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been released. The song is called  “Yakusoku no basho” and it is sang by Mai Fukui. The single will be out on 23th day of  November in Japan and it also includes DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2.  The code can be used to download “Gift from the Songstress,” a set that includes “Diva Mic” and “Diva Headphone” accessories. The code can be used with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. (Only in Japan?)

Remember also check the English theme song out. The song is sang by Charice and it is called “New World.”  The English theme song is included in Charice’s new album, Infinity, which just came out in Japan!

Which song do you prefer? Do you think that these songs sound a bit same?


33 thoughts on “A Preview Clip of the Japanese Theme Song of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released!

  1. Oh… well, they’re both really boring.
    Please just have Uematsu do the theme songs, because Masashi Hamauzu clearly can’t do them good.

    1. Ugh. you’re just another butthurt fan that’s mad cuz they won’t bring back the new things. Things change. get over it. both these songs are beautiful.

    2. Because it’s obviously Hamauzu who wrote the song. Sorry, try again.

      The old theme song is overused and kinda dull. I’m glad that Fukui and Charice sang this theme song.

      1. This song isn’t composed by Masashi. It’s the Superfly band member who composed the song. Get your facts straight before complaining

  2. Nothing can ever beat the the original Japanese version of the Song (Yakusoku no Basho) :P. It sounds nicer than New World when played with the game ;D.

  3. I must say that despite the fact I rather to have theme songs in language according to the region the game is released, I prefer hearing Mai Fukui’s “Yakusoku no basho” in the English release: it sounds more natural and gentle than Charice’s “New World” which now I find a little too Koda Kumi’s “real Emotion” (Final Fantasy X-2).

    1. Hi Kaimi – Coolawits here. Yeah – i think I agree. Mai Fukui’s “Yakusoku no basho” just sounds more gentle and generally softer and nicer – but i also like New World. I think Charice is a better singer though – even if her first verse in my opinion isn’t great.

      It’s weird. Chairce seems like she has put more emotion into her sound but Mai Fukui’s sounds sweeter. So overall – I think I’ll count them even.

  4. They’re both kinda…eh. But the Japanese version is hands down better. I’m not a fan of those Christina Aguilera-esque voices, which the English version is dripping with. Still, Uematsu would have made far better theme songs.

  5. I like the English version better, not that it matters. We all know the Japanese is gonna always be “better” to fans who are believe all of America is crap. -_-

    1. Actually it’s better because it suits the game better (most of the time). Like in this case, even though i do think both of the songs are not suitable for the game (melodies wise), the japanese version is slightly more suitable since its cover are much more (natural?) while the english version has too much improvisation that it kills that feeling. Also Charice adds too much improvisation in her voice as well, and most of the time, those kind of improvisation don’t transfer over the feeling well which is crucial for a theme song. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song stand alone but not a good theme song.

      1. P.S. like say Melodies of life’s English and Japanese version, i like them equally because they’re both the same (Cover wise)

  6. I prefer the Japanese version tbh. And why can’t people genuinely prefer the Japanese version without “believe all of America is crap”? Seriously, not everyone is a bigot. Learn to respect people’s opinions.

    1. Yay! 100% agree with this, I don’t understand why people cant just accept it when someone likes a certain Voice or language better.

      It does sound like they tried to make it so both versions are similar to each other, but I prefer Mai Fukui softer voice.

  7. Yakusoku no basho seems much gentler, which I like. New World seems to suit the breaking chorus part of the song better though, with a bit more spunky femininity. Will be a tough choice if there is a better song, I reckon.

    I think Fukui Mai-san’s vocals are nicer, but each of their voices suits the respective accompaniment, so it all works.

    I was initially a lover of Kimi ga irukara, but found that My Hands was not only a better song, but also much more appropriate for the game. The amount of play counts “My Hands” has in my library is shocking. (As is “Christmas Again” from the Kimi ga irukara single, I love that song!).

    I’m just more intrigued as to why the changes in orchestration, rather than just redubbing… interesting, would love to read some composers notes.

    A thought that just occurred to me… The Japanese version feels more like the “in-movie” version, whereas the English version feels like a “credits” version (cf. Disney films like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin). I kinda like that :)

    1. I love “My Hands” better than all of this… :'(
      I just think it had so much more emotion. (Or it could be that I’m not a fan of percussion in video game vocals).

      1. I agree with you! I absolutely LOVE that song. It took a little warming up to, but now it pretty much defines ffxiii, or at least the characters, for me.

  8. definitely prefer the japanese one even though I don’t understand the language it’s quite obvious it’s got more heart and soul than charice’s attempt at the song which is too much of compliment calling it that, the production seems really half arsed and doesn’t resonate with me at all wish square would get their act together and offer Yakusoku no basho worldwide regardless of language barriers and all upcoming themes for future titles e.g versus xiii

  9. Prefer Both videos debut for USA and Japan , Asia and so on to Square Enix pls get Soundtracks and video Mv dvd, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 Live Action Movie for gamers across the world for free not price up the item.

  10. After listening to both songs(twice) I think I like both, but prefer Charice’s version. When I close my eyes and listen to the song, I feel like I can see the characters. I let the music flow over me, absorb the lyrics and think about the story. About everything I know and everything I want for the game and the characters. It’s cheesy but hell, I’m stoned and I fucking love this game. And Lightning and Fang. Hot damn.

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