Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Snack

Square Enix is teaming up with Morinaga to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2. Morinaga’s popular Potelong snack will, for a limited time, feature an original Final Fantasy XIII-2 package.

Visit the campaign official site for some wallpapers.

From Andriasang


14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Snack

  1. Now that is just ridiculous.. What next? McDonald’s will release horribly-created FFXIII-2 toys with their Happy Meals as well? ..That may in fact be something I’d be just a tad interested in o.o;

    But just the FFXIII-2 wrapping around a pack of edible sticks, that’s silly. It’s not even a sticker or anything, but it appears to be some sort of code or whatever on the side of each pack? ._. I certainly hope it’s of some sort of value.

    At any rate I’m surprised by the humongous commercializing of this particular game, I mean not even it’s prequel got this much attention, let alone any other Final Fantasy game before that as far as I know.

    1. Maybe Square wants to leave with great style? Who knows. Even though I won’t get those snacks or anything related to the game beside the game itself eventually, I’d prefer to be able to buy a big Mog than some food…

    2. They’ve done it before. Coke and Doritos are the two major brands I know they’ve played with in that respect. There’s probably a plethora more we don’t know about.

      It’s only because of the increase of the use of the internet for us Westerners to obsess over the Japanese news in the recent years that we only find out about these now really.

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