25 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Released!

Square Enix North America has released “few” new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2. These few of these shots were earlier shown in Denkegi and now SQEX NA is offering English versions of them! These new shots also included new shots from new city which is called as,  Academia. Enjoy!

Thx for
RPGsite – who shared these.<3

27 thoughts on “25 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Released!

  1. I have a feeling Hope and Alyssa are going to have a thing, and that’s really going to upset me xD.
    Lightning/Hope, all the way.

    1. Oh God yes! Hope x Alyssa, please SE! Light x Caius seems like a good pairing! There is already fanfics out there about them.

      Like you, I cannot stand the Lightening and Hope pairing. Ugh, and the fans of this ship, they are some of the most annoying fans I ever encountered in the FF fandom.

  2. Am I the only one who’s thrilled about more indications of Alyssa’s character /and also on the Hope/Vanille bandwagon/? xD

  3. Can’t you people see that time travel opens up the possibility for an older Hope to start a thing with Lightning. That would be amazing. Alyssa looks like a whiny little girl who’s probably more annoying than Vanille.

  4. Serah/Hope y’all! Snow’s barely in the picture anymore, it seems. And I’m sorry, but it’s always been Light/Odin xD No mortal man is up to caliber!

  5. I saw a tiny FFVIII’s PuPu shadow image in that pic of Acadamia with red streets! XDDDD

    In addition, I’m totally against HopexAlyssa, although it seems to be the most logical choice, time-wise. (He could’ve gone for another girl not presented in the storyline anyway. Alyssa doesn’t seem right for him… Maybe they’ll be just co-workers, who knows.)

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