North American Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cover Released!

SQEX NA has released the cover of the game. What do you like about it?


38 thoughts on “North American Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cover Released!

    1. Yeah, that’s definitely their reason for placing Lightning on the cover on the sequel as well.

      Dude, she’s the one who has become the cover art character, it would only seem natural that Square Enix would use the same character again.
      And who says she not the main protagonist? Her part is without a doubt as important and surely as big as Serah’s. And if anything, there can easily be two.

  1. I like that it is simple yet still classy. I like how it mimics FFXIII’s cover. Although…i was hoping for a more badass cover this time around.

  2. Oh wow, big surprise. Misleading poster child is once again on the cover to make the game sell.

    Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning on the cover, main character is actually Vanille
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Lightning on the cover, main character is actually Serah

    The pattern repeats itself. And when the game comes out, and she’s once again not the main focus of the story, I will laugh and shake my head.

    1. Hey genius, go learn what a main character is, the story is NOT told from Vanille’s POV(she narrates it but we only control her in 2 chapters) whereas the game places you in Lightning’s perspective for the majority of the story, therefore she’s the main character. Vanille’s actually one of the easiest characters to write out of the story, you only really need Fang out of those two.

      1. Actually, if you wrote Vanille out of the story, your only party members would be Lightning and Snow…Hope only got involved because Vanille dragged him to the thing, Sazh only got involved because Dajh became a L’cie because Fang was trying to jump start their memories to save Vanille from becoming a C’ieth. If Fang were alone, she’d be all set, her brand was in-active. Everything happened because of Vanille.

      2. See this for more info

        (look at the bottom). Now whoever is the “main character” is debatable but the whole you can write Vanille out easily makes me sick >.< (Technically you can do that for anyone if you" look it at that way". Lightning could be replaced by any other character who is a sister to Serah, etc). Tassadar can be replaced by someone else with Void + Khala powers that decides to crash a Carrier into the Overmind or Cloud can be replaced by some other spikey haired guy that is BFF with Zack, etc.

        Point is you don't say you can easily replace the character!

      3. This is a reply to Goldfish:

        “Now whoever is the “main character” is debatable but the whole you can write Vanille out easily makes me sick >.<"

        I would have to disagree with the debatable part. To make that statement you'd have to be saying that the story is played through another characters perspective and not Lightning's. Which is just not true, we play as Lightning way more than any of the other characters.

      4. And to add to my last reply, taking Lightning out would mean taking Serah out. I get the point that you were making *see response to your last comment* but I just had to point that out lol.

      5. “Hope only got involved because Vanille dragged him to the thing, Sazh only got involved because Dajh became a L’cie because Fang was trying to jump start their memories to save Vanille from becoming a C’ieth. If Fang were alone, she’d be all set, her brand was in-active. Everything happened because of Vanille.”

        Response to Kara. I disagree that everything happened because of Vanille, a lot of the stuff that set up the events of the game would be achieved without her, such as Serah becoming a l’Cie, Dajh becoming a l’Cie (I don’t see Fang being “set” because of her in-active brand, I see her searching for the lost past of her focus and maybe even carrying it out (destroying Cocoon since they’re her enemies) but that all comes down to opinion on what you think her actions would be. How would she get back to Pulse without the purge? maybe she would learn about it and knowingly instigate one, and then the events of the game would still run the same course sans Hope and Vanille. Stuff would be different yes, but not one character is responsible for everything, it’s a combination of the parts that all the characters played.

    2. Response to Sleepy:)

      I never mentioned anything about Serah becoming a l’Cie..Let’s face it, curiosity killed the cat. Chick would’ve walked right into becoming a l’Cie regardless of whether or not Vanille existed. That’s why I said you would only be left with Lightning and Snow in your party, because Serah was their main drive.

      As for Dajh…Why would Fang go to the Euride plant to regain memory of a focus that she had seemingly completed? Her mark was in-active, the only indication that she hadn’t fully completed her focus was because Vanille’s mark was still active. I didn’t mean ‘set’ as in she was going to go settle down somewhere and pick her nose, I meant she wouldn’t have to worry about saving someone else. I agree, though, she definitely would’ve caused a fuss in her attempts to get back to Pulse.

      You’re right, the plot is definitely multi-character driven. If I made it seem like I was trying to say otherwise, I didn’t mean to haha.

  3. Sure she’s not the protagonist(she’s still a main character though guys) but she is the focal character and her actions seem more important than what Serah and Noel are doing, so it makes sense that SE put her on the cover.

    Love it by the way, especially how it’s like XIII’s cover, they’ll look nice together. :D

    1. Hey hey now! if it wasn’t for vanille talking to serah she wouldn’t have turned to crystal. light and serah would be able to leave boduhm because she’s a soldier. Snow would probably die down at teh hanging edge. sazh wouldve been taken prisoner on the train and wouldnt escape. ACTUALLY. snow wouldn’t even be in the hanging edge if it wasn’t for serah. so hope and his mother and all the purgees would probably die o.o. we’d have no start up with out vanille’s stupid screw ups XD. but i agree light was the central focus in XIII and is honestly the main driving for in XII-2 since we seemt o have forgotten about the Oerbans lol

      1. Um nothing in my post had anything to do with XIII. XD

        Just a quick correction though, Serah would still have turned to crystal if she hadn’t talked to Vanille, and Lightning would still be at the Purge (Serah was already a l’Cie when she and Vanille met).

      2. And we would have a start up without Vanille’s screw ups since Serah and Dajh would still be turned into l’Cie without her.

  4. Good image but a bad composition…
    Why did they crop the top of her head?? In photography that is a big mistake… They could just lower the image a little and it would be better

  5. I’m going to be the opposite of most people and say that this is stunning! Lightning is still a main character! Maybe not the most main protagonist but she is a main! She’s what centers the game! That’s why she’s on the front cover!
    I love this!

  6. Lightning was ALWAYS the main character, Serah’s part of the story has just expanded and has gone to almost, if not THE same level as Lightning’s, but let’s remember who starred in the very first FFXIII-2 teaser, for example.

    Besides people are saying it as if it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE for a media to have more than ONE main character, get serious.

    Of course both Farron sisters equally play a big part as protagonists in their own different ways.
    Wouldn’t you say the one who was erased in her own time and travelled to a different dimension is far too important to be called a “side character” already?

    And by the way I love the cover art, hence why I follow this site (meaning: I find people being way too critical right now), I think it’s very similar to the one from the first game, however in a good way, it makes it recognizable and in my case nostalgic.

    If you don’t like the cover art there’s the option with purchasing the game or not. Better yet make your own. Lightning has been the cover art figure the whole time, why would SE change it now?

    1. The vibes I’m getting from the trailers and info is that Lightning is the protagonist (the one who pushes the story/plot along) since her actions seem more important. And Serah is the main character (the story is seen through her point of view). Toriyama also stated that Lightning is the backbone of the story which further strengthens my hypothesis.

  7. Sorry for the double comment but search (in your browser – “ctrl + f”) for
    “10:34:52 PM Jan 20th 2011” (without the quotes)
    (post by “ccoa”)

    “ccoa” makes good points on defending Vanille’s importance in FFXIII. Sadly ccoa apparently doesn’t like Vanille which is disappointing >.>.

    Anyway I can respect and view Lightning as the main character but only if you + others respect Vanille and respect her importance to the story!

    Yes I’m a Vanille fan <3.

    1. Yeah my original statement was only made in hopes of infuriating the poster I replied to because of his ignorant and inaccurate statements. I acknowledge that she’s an important character (one of the three catalysts no less) but I do feel that she gets credit for too many things, allow me to elaborate.

      Would Serah become a l’Cie if Vanille wasn’t there? Yes she would. Serah was able to become a l’Cie because the doors to the Pulse Vestige were opened. Without Vanille there I think it’s still pretty obvious that Fang would’ve left at some point, therefore allowing Serah to venture inside and get branded.

      Would Dajh become a l’Cie if Vanille wasn’t there? This one’s up to opinion. I don’t know about you but I don’t see Fang being one to sit around and happily live her life out on Cocoon. Fang’s Pro-Pulse through and through, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that she’d WANT to destroy Cocoon. Remember that the Euride Gorge incident was Fang’s idea to try and remember their focus, not Vanille’s. And with that Dajh would be branded, which would lead to the Purge (he was the one who found Anima) which would lead to Lightning and the rest being present sans Hope(if he didn’t follow Snow), but the only consequence I can see this resulting is that Lightning may not have been able to see the error in her ways without Hope displaying those same faults right in front of her. But I could see her coming around since she acknowledge’s Snow being there for Serah. The only other fault I can see with this progression would be Sazh being left alone in the Vile Peaks after Lightning going her own way. I think that Sazh would follow her since he wouldn’t want to be left alone. So the arc of the story would stay largely the same if she weren’t in the game, things would be different obviously as it would be with taking any character out, but quite a few things would remain unchanged, most notably being the Purge still taking place.

      I’ve always thought that either Fang or Vanille would be an infinitely better character if there was only one of them. As we have it now, Fang’s a pretty shallow character, she’s there for Vanille, that’s it. And Vanille’s got a twisted mindset where she feels the need to lie about everything and take the blame when it’s not her’s to take. It’s frustrating how much this woman lies, and she suffers from weak motivation because of her character arc, especially when compared to the other characters (except maybe Hope).

      If you took Fang out and just had Vanille actually cause all of the problems that she claims to have instead of just lying about it, then her motivation would make sense and be better as a result. If you took Vanille out and gave Fang Vanille’s motivation without the plot amnesia, then she’d be a better and less shallow character. Now the story would obviously be different with just one of them but whoever was left would be a much better character imo.

      But yes, there’s my honest opinion on the matter. She’s an important character but taking her out wouldn’t cause any more problems than it would if you took another character out (for example say we took Lightning out, you’d have to take Serah out which means you’d have to also take Snow out, with those exclusions we’d see Sazh, Vanille and Hope dying in the purge. And Fang would be searching for a dead Vanille).

      1. Forgot to add at the end there that one of the things that XIII excels at is having each of the characters play a part that would change the story if they were taken out (there are no Vincents and Yuffies).

      2. I def. see what you’re saying, I agree. Except for the Dajh part, the only reason Fang went to the Euride plant to spark their memories was to keep Vanille from becoming a C’ieth . You’re right, Fang definitely wouldn’t sit around and pick her nose, but I’m not so sure she’d head up to the Euride plant to try to remember her focus, which to her wouldn’t matter because her mark would have been in-active. I think she’d find a way to get back to Pulse.

        However…Why would you have to take Serah out if Lightning wasn’t there? Serah couldn’t simply be Snow’s girlfriend? The only thing that would change if Lightning was taken out would be that Sazh probably wouldn’t have made it.

        I don’t know, I think I’m picking at your comments because your name is “FFXIIIGuru” when you seem to be looking over things.

      3. That’s why i said that Fang’s actions all go down to your opinion. She went to the Gorge and did what she did in an attempt to remember their focus. Yes she did it so Vanille wouldn’t turn Cie’th, but take her out and I still find it possible for her to do that same action to remember her own focus, in-active or not. Not knowing could get on her nerves.

        You would have to take Serah out because without Lightning to raise her and what not too many things could change, she could be sent away somewhere, she could’ve grown up differently and not even gotten together with/met Snow. Yes that’s all speculation but assuming that she’d grow up the same way and meet Snow is equally speculation imo. As for her just being Snow’s girlfriend, you could do that with any character. Why not take out Vanille and have Fang’s brand be active so she’d HAVE to try and remember her focus?

        And more things than that would change if Lightning wasn’t there, Hope wouldn’t have seen the error in his revenge against Snow if Light had not been there to tell him that it’s wrong. Would he have pulled it together against Alexander if Lightning had not had that thought about the Eidolons being encouraging? And like you said, Sazh would be dead. Hell the party may have not even been branded if Lightning had not started attacking Anima. Snow sure as hell wasn’t going to make a stand.

        That’s fair, but I think that you’re just not looking into things enough.

      4. It probably would get on her nerves, but I think she wouldn’t have been in such a rush to figure things out had she been by herself, the race against time element would have been eliminated and she would have more time to think about what to do instead of making desperate attempts at regaining her memory. But you’re right, that really is up to speculation.

        Ohh, I hadn’t thought of that…Even if Lightning hadn’t raised her, do you think she would’ve turned out much differently? She would still live on Cocoon, possibly adopted (I’m assuming Lightning and Serah were in an orphanage for a while, considering Lightning would’ve only been 15 when her parents died.) and plus, Lightning really didn’t seem to influence her much. Other than probably giving her a princess complex (Which could explain why she was so infatuated with Snow and his hero complex)

        Just being Snow’s girlfriend would be what she would be if Lightning was omitted from the storyline. If we were going to change things for the sake of the plot, like making Fang’s mark active to trigger an event, then this debate is completely stupid because then we could just re-write parts of the plot to make everything fit without a character. I’m talking about if you simply omitted a character and all the effects that they caused from the game, not changing factors to keep the storyline.

        I’m not saying Lightning didn’t have an impact on the story. Yes, Hope probably would’ve remained undetermined had Lightning not straightened him out. And yes, there is a high possibility that they wouldn’t have been branded and even if they had been, they wouldn’t have split up with Snow at Lake Bresha. Leading to either A.) They could have been arrested by the first set of soldiers that Lightning fucked up (or if they managed to fight them off) B.) They would have met up with Fang and the journey would go in a different direction.

        So yes, taking Lightning out would completely change the journey and possibly the outcome. But that would be the same if you took any of the protagonists out. Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t have just one main character.

      5. Sure she’d have more time, but I think the longer she went without finding out would cause the frustration to build resulting in the same kind of outburst that her desperation gave her. But there’s really no point in dwelling on this since it’s just speculation lol.

        I think Lightning did influence her quite a bit. Her not being around much helped to make Serah stronger and a more independent person, less reliant on Lightning. I don’t think they were in an orphanage, I think maybe they kept the house their mother had since I have a hard time believing that Lightning could afford such a nice place at 21 working for what’s essentially Cocoon’s police force (well she can also afford to send Serah to university so maybe she does make quite a bit of money). Also without Lightning, Serah could have grown up to be colder (lol) since she’d be alone. Not saying that it would happen because of that, but it’s yet another possibility. So yeah, I do think she would have turned out differently, to what extent? I can’t really say, there’s too many possible changes, but I do think that her and Snow getting together wouldn’t be a sure thing.

        Yes omitting a character and all the effects that they caused, which is why Serah couldn’t be just Snow’s girlfriend, she would have grown up too differently (which is why I brought that up in my previous post, should have been more clear about the point I was making). Omitting Lightning would change Serah’s personality/attitude/outlook on life, the same as omitting Vanille would change everything about Fang (aside from being pro-Pulse). Without Vanille there Fang could possibly be obsessed with her focus and destroying Cocoon, just like how Serah could be drastically different without Lightning.

        Ah I see, the way you worded your post:

        “The only thing that would change if Lightning was taken out would be that Sazh probably wouldn’t have made it.”

        Made it sound like you thought otherwise, nothing to dispute here.

        But I must disagree with FFXIII not having just one main character. While it’s true that we do play as every character at one point, only Lightning has the story consistently told from her perspective. Her play time alone easily triples that of the rest of the characters. You could argue that there’s not only one protagonist (which comes from it being multi-character driven) but there’s most definitely a single main character.

      6. To add to this point:

        “Yes omitting a character and all the effects that they caused, which is why Serah couldn’t be just Snow’s girlfriend, she would have grown up too differently”

        You said: “then this debate is completely stupid because then we could just re-write parts of the plot to make everything fit without a character.”

        Omitting Lightning alone would be re-writing parts of the plot to fit, since her and Serah’s backstories are intertwined.

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