Japanese Press Plays Final Fantasy XIII-2 For Thirteen Hours! Read Their Impressions!

“It looks like Square Enix lifted some sort of Final Fantasy XIII-2 embargo on the Japanese press today. Famitsu.com, Impress Watch and 4Gamer all delivered impressions from a thirteen hour play through of the game’s first three chapters.

Here are some points of note in the writeups, as summed up at Game Jouhou.

  • Recap of the original
    The title screen lets includes an option for viewing a narrated recap of the story of the original FFXIII. If you have a save file from the original, you’ll also get to see a digest showing scenes from the original.
  • Item Sales
    Where do you get your items and accessories while traveling through time? There’s a girl named “Chocolena” who wears Chocobo themed clothing. She appears in all time eras and locations, and will sell you goods.

  • Towns
    XIII-2 has towns. However, there’s no transition from field to towns. You’ll just seamlessly enter areas of safety where people reside.
  • Subquests
    You can freely speak to the people you encounter. You’ll very often be presented with subquests, including such things as seeking out lost items and defeating special monsters.
  • Interactive Dialogue
    The game has an interactive conversation system called “Live Trigger.” Based of the selections you make, the story may develop differently.

    The game’s time traveling component makes experimenting with Live Trigger easy. In the Historia Crux screen, you can close gates that you’ve previously opened. A closed gate resets to its default state, allowing you to try different selections.

    Serah is holding one of 160 fragments.
  • Fragments
    When you clear quests or defeat bosses, you’ll get Fragments which include things like information about the world, and notices from the members of Nora. There are around 160 of these fragments.

  • Event Scenes
    It was previously announced that the game has mostly realtime rendered event scenes this time. The impressions say it’s about 90% realtime. However, it does seem that there are overall more event scenes compared to FFXIII.

    For those who want to get on with things, because the event scenes are real time, you can quickly skip through the dialogue.

  • Load times
    The load times are short, and you can save anywhere you like, allowing for a stress free experience. The only complaint in this area appears to be about crossing time periods in Historia Crux as the load times here are a bit on the long side.

    Levels, Monsters, Roles..

  • Character Growth
    You build up Serah and Noel in a Crystarium, but different from the original FFXIII, which had a Crystarium for each role, each character now has just one Crystarium that’s used for all the roles. The roles have exclusive growth routes on the Crystarium.

    As you expel your Crystal Points to advance your position to new slots on the Crystarium, you’ll gain the status upgrades associated with the slot, and will also be able to make a role level up. You get to select which role gets the level-up.

    Monsters level up not through Crystal Points, but through growth items. These can be obtained in battle and from shops (including Chocolena).

    As a monster levels up, it will learn new abilities. These abilities are retained across all monsters of the same role (unlike the characters, whose roles can be changed in real time like in the original FFXIII, monsters’ roles are fixed).

  • Accessories & Equipment
    You initially have four accessory slots for your characters. By grouping accessories, you get special effects (some of these were detailed when the game’s bonus items were announced a few weeks back).

    Accessories have cost, and you’re limited in what cost a character can hold. For example, if Serah has maximum cost 50 and you equip cost 30 and cost 20 accessories, you can’t equip any additional accessories.

    For the monsters, you’ll find some that some equipment are just used for making changes to physical appearance with no effect on ability. There are many of these items.

    The game has so many accessories that one of the players complained that there’s a feeling of not having enough Gil to buy it all.

  • Battle
    If you want to make a monster join your party, you don’t need to throw a Pokeball or anything of the sort at it. When you defeat a monster, it will just sometimes turn to crystal, making it a part of your collection.

    Each monster has unique special skills which can be unleashed when you’ve built up your Synchro Drive. These moves are done using the game’s cinematic quick timer events. Depending on how you do in the QTEs, you’ll end up with greater or lesser damage.”

    From Andriasang


11 thoughts on “Japanese Press Plays Final Fantasy XIII-2 For Thirteen Hours! Read Their Impressions!

  1. So far, I like what I’m seeing. The main eye catcher for me is that you can roam at your own pace and the fact the decisions you make, effects the ending, just like the Mass Effect series. The only think that kinda irks me right now is the Accessories and Equipments. I never did experiment with them alot in the first game, and I still have trouble when it comes to combining/dismantling. Now the fact you have even more limits of how many you can equip at once kinda feels under-powering somehow. I really, really hope we get alot of Gils from battles to help compensate for the ridiculous amount of accessories that’s gonna be in the final version of the game.

    P.S. Love the Pokemon reference at the end. xD

  2. Thanks for the updates :). I hope the game features more customization (It’s looking like it does but we’ll see). Besides monsters of course, they haven’t revealed too much about customization options [it’s a bit vague. They didn’t elaborate on what extra stuff the Crystarium will feature besides just being the one instead of six).

    (For example of extra customization) it’d be nice if you could upgrade abilities (making Mediguard heal more by spending CP to upgrade it for example) and if there was a mix and match system like FF5 (having two extra ability slots that can be taken from other roles for example). Stuff like that would make battle system more fun. Having monsters to customize your party is okay but hopefully that isn’t the only thing.

    “You initially have four accessory slots for your characters.” Hmm “initially” which may mean you can obtain more later?

    If there’s a total of 7 or more slots total that’d be nice (I thought 4 in FFXIII was too little though you didn’t “need” more than that, I wouldn’t have mind more slots just for extra customization). Yes I say customization a lot >.>.

    Anyway things are looking good overall for the most part :).

  3. “If you want to make a monster join your party, you don’t need to throw a Pokeball or anything of the sort at it.”
    LOL awww….

  4. The Pokemon reference cracked me up xD.
    I’m seriously excited for this game.
    I’m a huge fan of the first, and it looks like they aren’t going to fuck up the second :3

      1. Really? I guess you knew about the chocobo shop girl already, exactly hoe eqiping items work, exacty how the crystarium worked, exactly how monsters and levelign em up works etc etc… This is basically the booklet inside the game that you jump into when you buy it. I mean I can just pop in the disk now and know what exactly i will be doing… It may not be a story spiler but it is a gameplay spoiler… I was like shit I should not have read this half way through then I said well i already came this far just finish it.

        I just pray with all the hype this game is getting it delivers, the closer it comes the more i’m afraid it will flop. I want Odin on my team ^^

      2. Where to buy items isn’t mucha spoiler…takes like a 1 page primer and in most cases you can kinda guess without reading a thing. Equipping items would be the same as the first game click on a slot and choose an item..the crystarium we were told had been changed a long time ago. and there’s not enough detail to know completely how monster leveling works. this is already a good game for sure… now if they you can’t summon then SE is gonna get a gunblade through all their pc’s but im sure they won’t dissapoint. ff13/2 is one of their biggest success stories in terms of development it’s a very innovative ff.. and i wanna see Dahj in the team :3

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