Final Fantasy XIII-2 Nearly Done

“Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due for Japanese release on December 15, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that it’s in a nearly complete state. Producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed this with during a brief Q&A on Saturday during the London leg of a European media tour for the game.

Kitase says that he’s playing through the game at present, and remarked that the game is packed with many elements, like splitting routes via the Historia Crux system and missions for collecting fragments. The story also retains its epic nature. He feels the game has great balance between story and game elements.

In his closing comments with, Kitase brought up the Historia Crux system again, saying that the game is filled with elements that involve repeat play. For example, a boss-level enemy might appear, and if you try to fight it, you’ll be instantly killed. However, if you progress in the game and build up your character, then close and reopen the Historia Crux (which resets the area), you can retry the boss.

During the first leg of the tour, fans were able to see live play sessions in such areas as Sunleth Waterscape. Kitase also joked that they showed off the game’s Moogle tossing component.”

Source: Andriasang


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