Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sunleth Waterscape Gameplay Leaked!

Yesterday SQEX France had Final Fantasy XIII-2 presentation where they showed some new artwork and gameplay from Sutleth Waterscape. Now someone has uploaded 4 minutes long clip of that never-before-seen gameplay! Enjoy & watch it before they delete it!

Thx Miladesn


21 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sunleth Waterscape Gameplay Leaked!

    1. because if square enix finds the videos, they could charge them for having to record unreleased footage and could just own the channel and delete his channel.

    1. Doesn’t look like it. He’s an APC looks like. Eventhough he was there, the monster was still taking up the 3rd HP bar. but thats ok as long as he fights right ? :D

    2. He will be a guest character. We can’t control him, but he will fight with us. :( Well, at least, we see him in battles! (I hope this will apply to Hope as well., because looks like nobody is playable but Serah, Noel and captured monsters.)

    1. well as seen from a trailer, you will get to see all the characters in many different ways. however, there is a chance that they’ll not be playable or just be guest in the game.

      1. we don’t know yet but it depends because there are many endings so the boss fight may vary with the playable characters. when the game comes out, we’ll find out for ourselves depending on the ending we choose.

    2. Jihl, Cid, and Yaag are already dead. It has already been stated that they cannot go back in time to before Cocoon fell, so I highly doubt that they (or Nora) will be seen living again.

      1. Who is the Playable Characters besides Noel and Serah and Lightning is Briefly Playable and this game will have multiple Endings and Vanille and Fang will be Back and Sazh will be back too.

  1. On Final Fantasy XIIi-2 there will be a Secret Playable Characters just like Umaro and Gogo from Final Fantasy VI and Yuffie and Vincent from Final Fantasy VII and on FFIV the after years the Secret Playable Characters were Calca and Brina and the Edges allies are like Gekkou, Izayoi, Tsukinowa and Zangetsu, and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy Tatics too.

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