New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots (Style Your Monsters, Crystarium..)

Style to Your Flanbanero!

Remember our “Style to Your Moogle” contest? Now it has became true, but in funnier way. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 you can make your own styles for every monster what you  have captured in the game. Nothing wins for example this Flanbanero who is wearing sunglasses! These decorative additions for your monsters can be found in locations throughout history. Use them to give your monster allies an extra bit of colour and jazz–they won’t affect battle performance at all, so feel free to try any combination you like.

So comment and tell us – How would you style your own monster and what monster you would like to style?

Crystarium is also back! It shows the growth route of your characters. When you win battles and complete missions you will receive crystogen points, which are used in the Crystarium to develop your characters, boost parameters, and grant powerful new abilities.

Caius was once Noel's friend, his mentor. Why is he trying to stop them?
What fate lies in store for Serah and Lightning?


18 thoughts on “New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots (Style Your Monsters, Crystarium..)

  1. I’m so gonna have hard time with deciding what kind of “upgrade” I’m going to choose everytime crystarium expandes :”D

  2. “The Crystarium has expanded!” message? I thought they left expanding. Still, I look forward to it!
    Sunglassed Flanbanero looks quite chilled out!
    And Jontuttan: why don’t you let us know that Snow from FFXIII will appear in Theatrhythm? I think that would count as a news, or least a twit.

  3. cant wait for this game, hopefully since the main character is female, hopefully the final boss will be too, makes sense.

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