New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Song Samples Released! Listen Here! (Nobou Uematsu Is Composing Music Too!)

Sqaure Enix Japan has released eleven brand new samples from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIII! They also revealed that Nobou Uematsu is doing some tracks for Final Fantasy XIII-2! Enjoy and listen tracks below!


19 thoughts on “New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Song Samples Released! Listen Here! (Nobou Uematsu Is Composing Music Too!)

  1. Just a note for translation.

    First sample is called Final Fantasy XIII-2 ~ Wish
    The main battle theme is called “Dash” or “Sprint”
    Lightning’s battle theme is called ” The Goddess’ Knight” or however you want to rename it.

    Others I would put up but~~

  2. Pity they didn’t show more of the preview piano theme , that sounded very emotional :) Sample 1 is probably the most iconic seeing as it was in the 1st big trailer <3

  3. The title for Sample #3 is something like, “The Beautiful Warrior”. Sample #10 is “Fanfare of Honor”.

    Also, for the Historia Crux song, does anyone else seem to hear a bit of the Great Fairy theme from The Legend of Zelda in there?

    1. That was the word I was looking for! The second set of Kanji makes “War-god”. I’d say Lightning is kinda like a goddess, so it could end up being something like “The Beautiful Goddess” or so.


      1. Yeah, my original translation for that was “The Beautiful War Goddess” but there’s also a track called “Warrior of the Goddess” and I didn’t like how similar the two sounded. :P

  4. I’m listening to these. Right now listening to Historia Crux. Sorry, I am not pleased with everything I’m hearing. Sample # 1 (Wish) was really pretty. So far, everything else seems – sub-standard, not as professional as other Final Fantasy games. Time to listen to everything else.

  5. Just want to make a note;Historia Crux and Sample 11 are from the same song (Historia Crux), sample 11 is merely the beginning.

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