Final Fantasy XIII-2 Opening Off-Screen Shots!

Last week we told you that Square Enix will be collaborating with Toshiba to show footage of XIII-2 on Toshiba Regza television sets at electronics retailers.

Now person know as @Magunus has taken some shots of this new opening and shared them with us. For now we only have four shots to show you, but maybe later someone will upload the full opening clip on Youtube or other video streaming site.

Thx Aibo_ac7!


8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Opening Off-Screen Shots!

      1. I’ve just rewatched the “New Adventures” trailer where Lightning comes out of the time gate and tells Serah that this was the future that she was not able to protect. When she was in Valhalla, she was unable to leave Etro unprotected plus there’s a mission she has to fulfill which will be thwarted by her rival Caius. So there’s a great chance that she is still alive and well.

  1. oh c’mon Light is everyones favourite character, do you really thinkt SE would let her die?
    i think she’s the only reason why people want the sequel because she’s so awesome!!!

    LIGHT FTW!!!
    btw: this is the opening…and not te end^^

  2. Btw, this is another spoiler from the near end of the trailer that could reiterate why she was not able to protect the future and she was able to leave. Valhalla is in ruins with nothing left in space.

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