Final Fantasy XIII-2 News Christmas Calendar! Mission 1 & Extra!

Hello our readers! It is December and we are very happy to launch our very own “Final Fantasy XIII-2 News Christmas Calendar!” The idea is make the waiting of Final Fantasy XIII-2 a lot easier and funnier! Everyday till 25th December there will be different kinds of “missions”  and extras for you.

Mission can be something what puts you to do something or it gives some extras. Today our first extras are updated site and this little nice christmas themed commercial for you. Also we have the FIRST MISSION for you!

Note: Missions can be completed later this month.

MISSION 1: Decorate your own Moogle Christmas tree!

  • Description: In Final Fantasy XIII-2 you can wear different kinds of costumes and style your own monsters! These new features has inspired us to make this first Christmas themed mission – So, it is time to decorate your very own Moogle Christmas tree. Idea is make this Moogle tree look way cooler, cuter and more amazing! You can use Moogle tree below and decorate it or just make it 100% by yourself! Share pictures on comments, Twitter & Facebook.

One thought on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 News Christmas Calendar! Mission 1 & Extra!

  1. Hahah I guessed you would do this! But I think this is actually very very funny and good thing! I love Christmas Calendars!

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