Meet Chocolina, The Archylte Steppe and More in 28 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots!

Cosplayer's costume choice of 2012?

You want more screenshots? You get more screenshots. It’s another huge batch today, showing off some cool new stuff from the game. Our favourite has to be Lady Ga..Chocolina! She’s a travelling merchant in. ‘exotic’ chocobo dress, who will sell you all manner of items and weapons as you progress through the game.

You’ll also see the first screenshots of a new area, The Archylte Steppe, a bunch of chocobos (because why not?), advanced paradigm settings, some examples of Live Trigger, some cutscene shots and more. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Meet Chocolina, The Archylte Steppe and More in 28 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots!

  1. Loving every bit of it, though IDK why they called the dialogue box “Live trigger” that they seemingly borrowed from the Mass Effect series. Still, love it either way, though judging by the dialogue choices, it seems possible to split Snow and Serah up, which doesn’t jive well for me, but maybe I’m over analyzing here.

    P.S. Expect alot of cosplayers dressing up as Chocolina now.

  2. Dammit Square, now I have to pick the cat option. Just to see it. ‘Cause for some reason it plays out like this in my head:

    Noel: …Do you even have a cat?

    Serah: …Nope! :D

    Noel: *facepalm*

    For the record, I have no idea why I find that so funny.

    Thank goodness they made it so that we can replay individual sections, so I won’t feel like an awful person for picking that option.

  3. It looks great.. but I’m afraid of buying XIII-2 now. I brought XIII cuz of Lightning and now I barely see any screenshot of her! D: I’m afraid if I buy it and she’s only playable like.. what? 2-3 time? and we have to play as Noel and Serah the most. -.- I dunno..

  4. Yeah I wanna be Lightning. There’s nothing wrong with being Serah or Noel who is an ok character I guess. I just wanna be light. Also I agree there’s seems to be hints of Serah be able to choose between Noel and Snow. My guess is whoever you choose ends up dying while the other lives. Example when Snow is on the floor saying “Serah is that you I must be dreaming'” and Cauis stabbing Noel in the back.

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