The European Final Fantasy XIII-2 Front & Back Cover Scans!

We are happy to share the (full) European cover of Final Fantasy XIII-2 via our friends from RPGSite. The difference between European and American covers is that American one has Lightning render on it. (Check below)

The Japanese cover for the game is pretty similar with the European one, but the cropping is a bit different. The back cover is almost same too. What do you think? Which region has the best cover and why?


14 thoughts on “The European Final Fantasy XIII-2 Front & Back Cover Scans!

  1. I like the japanese one best :D American one fits together with XIII, but I still like European one better than that. But the japanese wins!

  2. the european looks the best, after that the japanese one cuz it stays true to the ff tradition. the american one i’m not so sure about….

  3. I think it’s the American cover that win because it’s as beautiful as European cover. However, Japanese cover looks empty despite the logo, honestly : i prefer the American cover, good design and Lightning is too beautiful. But after all, i will take the Chinese version because there are Japanese voices ( or Original version if you prefer XD ) with especially the English subtitles, it’s just excellent; However, i don’t know if the English from this Chinese version is different from the Western version, but : ” Wait and see ” :) !!!

    Come one, guys, it’s soon at us FFXIII-2, thank you so much Square Enix for this game, i too loved FFXIII, and this sequel will don’t disapointte ;) !!!

  4. North American. All FFXIII-2 Lightning renders win by default for me because they are all so beautiful.
    EU and JP ones look too plain for my taste.

  5. I think I would have preferred the american one, since that’s how the cover of the first game looked like, and I really think the Lightning render is beautiful, that said I’m not saying the logo isn’t; rather I think it’s one of the best Final Fantasy-logos and amongst my favourites in design.
    Well, as long as I’ll be able to purchase the crystal edition of this game I’ll be happy either way :)

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