New FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 “Clash of Time” Trailer

“Can you believe it’s only a week until FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is out? “Excited” doesn’t come close to describing the atmosphere at the SQUARE ENIX Europe HQ right now. So, to tie you over until next week we’ve put together an exciting brand new gameplay trailer.”


2 thoughts on “New FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 “Clash of Time” Trailer

  1. Oh My God!!! I can not wait!!! Got the collectors edition pre-ordered for Christmas! Does anyone know what song is playing at the beginning though? I can’t seem to find the song.

  2. between 0:17 and 0:20. Lightning is like tensed and pissed off as I seen it many times. I know plot and what is happening, but let’s imagine here it seems like it subtle hint she feel forced and some part team felt discontent with team or direction. If ff13 series had a better characterization, role and dialong, everyone will be content happy and so would the hypothesized character (Yeah I know i’m little crazy into stories). I felt like All characters in that series with wonderful design feels forced to do their instead of being consistent and catchable self loveable character (like ff10). This my opinion, if you want to say something wrong please Ignore this and will not waste your time reading more.

    Atleast Lightning had better chance to be herself in dissidia 012. She has better characterization in game and better role in the story that truimph ff13 and ff13-2. She feel like herself in role.

    TD:LR Ignore what I said, just go with this i which I like ff13 series is still good because of gameplay, graphics and best music.

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