Sazh’s DLC Episode: Heads or Tails Trailer Released!

10 thoughts on “Sazh’s DLC Episode: Heads or Tails Trailer Released!

  1. Interesting. Since because there is nothing else in the game to complete now, might as well buy the DLC xD.

    There should have been more to do (for an extraordinarily vast game), but I guess anticipating for tomorrow’s release sounds nice (at least we get something)

    However, what would REALLY piss me (and most likely other people) off is if they came out with a “Master’s Edition” with all the latest DLC’s at a very sudden time. Square Enix may have ticked some heads off, but i know they won’t stoop as low as pull a MARVEL VS. CAPCOM stunt….

  2. I’m not how to react, as much as I think Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a great game, I think this DLC as well as the entire Serendipity Casino seems very off-universe for a Final Fantasy title.
    It’s nice to see expansions in the Final Fantasy genres, but it’s not quite what I want, that’s just my opinion anyway, the idea seems to push away the (original) storyline.
    I’m not sure whether or not I wish to purchase this one.

    1. While the concept of gambling, or racing chocobos for entertainment may seem inappropriate given the often harsh tones of any given “real” Final Fantasy title (we’ll ignore cases such as FFX-2 here), it has occurred on multiple instances throughout the series. Final Fantasy VII immediately comes to mind; Saucer, the combined amusement park and casino played a large part in the storyline, as well as side quests for the game.

      As for justifying our heroes racing chocobos and gambling… I believe it ultimately comes to that somehow, it’s required that they do so in order to acquire items (whether this be equipment, magic, or most appropriately, key storyline related items) in order to achieve their goal, whatever that may be. In the case of Final Fantasy XIII-2 ,multiple fragments can only be acquired in Serendipity. Acquiring all fragments is necessary to “properly” restoring the timeline.

      I realize that ultimately it was a developer decision to place these fragments there, so to that degree one might argue it is a little frivolous, but semantically speaking, it doesn’t break the storyline, and integrates an aspect of gameplay that adds some additional elements, challenges, and, most importantly – a timesink. Although certain players may not enjoy spending time in Serendipity, there’s probably a sizable amount that do.

      So, (tl;dr),
      At the end of the day, it doesn’t -really- break the storlyine of the game, and it can potentially add extra game hours. So, the question is,
      Why not?

  3. I’m playing with an imported Japanese Voice over + Chinese/English subtitled version of the game, and this DLC was available on PSN/SEN a day earlier (HK version) so I bought and downloaded it.

    Its very short but well done. I just wish it had more story as the dialogue was nicely choreographed but there wasn’t enough of it. The games were kinda fun but you needed 4 special tokens and it hardly took me any time to get 36 of them. Its also nice to have a good SYN in the party at an early stage (I am playing over from beginning), and it wasn’t an expensive DLC so its well worth it.

  4. So far everyone seems still be waiting for the US version of this dlc batch to drop. SE said the 28th on there site but, still, haven’t seen it up yet on PSN. I live in Asia where it’s already the 29th and, still, nothing…

    It’d be nice if the people over at Square could actually deliver when they say they will.

    1. Well, PSN/SEN only update their content once a week. Its not really up to Square-Enix. The update is a day later than the Xbox Marketplace (who I think only update weekly also).

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