The Grand Competition!

Hello our dear followers! We have been giving away a bunch of stickers on Facebook and Twitter for a while, but now it is time to give something way cooler to someone lucky! The path to earn this, let’s call it “The Grand Prize”, won’t be that easy as in sticker giveaway.


You have to recognize ten (10) different kinds of monsters which you can check out below. All who recognize all monsters will be rewarded with a chance to win this RARE & HUGE Lightning roll-up poster. (200x85cm)
All participants will also attend in extra sticker giveaway so you all will have a chance to win something! Cool, right? Competition ends on 20th March.

When you send your answer, remember to tell your Twitter/Facebook username for us so we can make sure you are following us.


1. Recognize monsters
2. Add title “The Grand Competition” to your email
3. Send your answer+Twitter/Facebook username to finalfantasyxiii-2(AT)
4. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook
5. Wait until March 31th to see if you’ve won anything!

AT = @

HINT:  Bestiary

Competition is open for everyone!

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