Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning DLC Details

“Dengeki PlayStation reveals this week that the DLC will be released some time in May. It will follow Snow’s DLC, which is due on May 15.

As previously detailed, the Lightning DLC is titled Requiem of the Goddess. The scenario will show Lightning and Caius in a different form of battle from what we saw in the main game.

Clear the Lightning episode, and you’ll be able to make Armored Lightning into a party member. Lightning will have an exclusive role and abilities. Her “Scene Drive” ability will be “Scene Drive Kai” (“Scene Drive Reformed”).”



2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning DLC Details

  1. Why not just write “Army of One” as it appears in the American/European version of the game? I had no idea what Scene Drive was until i Googled it.

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