What? Did Lightning DLC Leak on XBOX Marketplace? Pricing & Info! *UPDATED*


Square Enix’s 1st Production Department tweeted that information is mistaken.

“The recent information about the FFXII-2 DLC appearing on the internet is mistaken,” it said. “The Lightning and Snow episodes are due this may, but our company hasn’t confirmed the date or price.”

So pricing and appearing were mistaken, but I’m wondering, did someone already download the DLC?

Someone on FFSKY has posted pictures from Xbox Marketplace where Lightning DLC was available.

Like you can see from the image above “Requiem of the Goddess” download content will be priced for $6.99 / 560 Microsoft Points. And it will take 440mb from your hard drive. The Snow and Valfodr DLC episode will be priced for $7.99 / 640 Microsoft Points.
The description of Lightning DLC episode:

“This downloadable content features Final Fantasy XIII-2 spoilers. Completing the main game is recommended before playing. Get ready for a new episode in Valhalla! Complete Lightning’s exciting story under certain conditions to unlock the fierce warrior cloaked in divine armor as a party member. To access this content, enter the Historia Crux (available from Chapter 2 onwards) and select “Valhalla -??? AF-”


4 thoughts on “What? Did Lightning DLC Leak on XBOX Marketplace? Pricing & Info! *UPDATED*

  1. is the ‘fight in style’ the costume bundle? if so, it’s weird that it would be more expensive than lightning’s story

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